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Flagship Postgraduate Scholarships: applications are not currently open.

Flagship postgraduate scholarships

National Research Flagships offer Postgraduate Scholarships to high quality students to work on a project relevant to Flagship research.

  • 13 January 2012 | Updated 6 May 2014

At the present time the FCF is not accepting any applications.

The information on the website refers to previously available funding opportunities.

When further rounds are initiated, information will be posted to our webpage and a bulletin sent to the FCF Mailing list.  You can join the Mailing list.

The Flagships offer full and top-up Flagship Postgraduate Scholarships to high quality students who are enrolled in a PhD at an Australian university, and who will be working on a project which is directly relevant to a Flagship.

Prospective applicants should contact the relevant Flagship to discuss their proposals prior to the submission of any application for funding. Flagship Postgraduate Scholarships have NOT been accepted for inclusion on the Australian Competitive Grants Register.

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