Fluids process modelling

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Key people

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Dr Peter Witt: investigating fluidised beds with computational fluid dynamics

Research Scientist Dr Peter Witt uses computational fluid dynamics to better understand and solve processing problems within the minerals processing, chemical processing, petroleum and power generation industries.

Dr Phil Schwarz: computational fluid dynamicist

Dr Phil Schwarz leads the Fluids Process Modelling team, which is focused on the development and application of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and other experimental modelling techniques to equipment and processes within the minerals extraction and energy industries.

Dr Chris Solnordal: combining engineering expertise with computational fluid dynamics

Dr Chris Solnordal, research scientist and engineer, combines classical engineering approaches with computational fluid dynamics to solve a wide range of industrial problems in the mineral and process industries. 

Dr Tuan Nguyen: using computational fluid dynamics to enhance thickener performance

Project Leader Dr Tuan Nguyen uses computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to design and optimise thickeners within the minerals industry.

Dr Petar Liovic: applying advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics to emerging technologies

Dr Petar Liovic develops and applies advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics methods for emerging technologies.