Photograph of a fuel cell stack

Fuel cell stack.

R2D3 partnership between Woodside and WA:ERA

The R2D3 joint venture focuses efforts on delivering valuable commercial research in the energy sector.

  • 8 November 2007 | Updated 27 June 2012

CSIRO has a commitment to strategic and pre-commercial research based on key petroleum industry priorities.

As such we have developed strong networks with industry and research organisations in Australia and around the world. These networks include researchers from all of CSIRO’s 20 Divisions, plus universities, Cooperative Research Centres, the National Research Flagships, State, Territory and Federal Government agencies and oil and gas companies.

An example of these major collaborations include the R2D3 (Research to Discover, Develop and Deploy energy solutions for a sustainable future) project.


In 2004 Woodside Energy Ltd and the Western Australian Energy Research Alliance (WA:ERA) signed a Joint Venture Agreement for a a five-year project for the investment of up to A$30 milllion in energy research.

To manage this important investment, Woodside and WA:ERA created a dedicated research management operation, called R2D3 (Research to Discover, Develop and Deploy energy solutions for a sustainable future).

This unincorporated joint venture, R2D3, was established to provide increased industry focus and funding for research and development and educational programs being offered by WA:ERA.

R2D3 is located in the A$37 million purpose built Australian Resource Research Centre (ARRC), at the Perth-based Technology Park, providing easy access to all the WA:ERA partners:

  • CSIRO's Earth Science and Resource Engineering Division
  • Curtin University of Technology
  • The University of Western Australia.

Research focus

R2D3 is focused on delivering valuable commercial research and development with a strong emphasis on technology deployment to realise the returns in investment in research.

Training programs that have been run to date under the R2D3 banner include:

  • core analysis training
  • integrated petrophysics for reservoir characterisation
  • flow assurance.

The success of the joint venture relies on the intimate business relationship that R2D3 facilitates in blending the distinctly different working cultures.

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