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  • 1 June 2008 | Updated 14 October 2011


Alexandridis K, Measham TG. 2007. A final report about Modelling Regional Grazing Viability in Outback Australia Using Bayesian Livelihood Networks. Report by CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems, Canberra, Australia.
PDF PDF - 4.2 Mb [external link]

Bohnet et al. 2007. Community uses and values of waters in the Tully-Murray catchment. Final Report for FNQ NRM. CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems. Atherton, Australia.
PDF PDF - 2.6 Mb [external link]

Roebeling PC, Webster AJ. 2007. Review of current and future best-management-practices for sugarcane, horticulture, grazing and forestry industries in the Tully-Murray catchment. A Report to FNQ NRM. CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems. Townsville, Australia.
PDF PDF - 557 Kb [external link]


Larson S. 2006. Analysis of the water planning process in the Georgina and Diamantina catchments. An application of the Institutional Analysis and Development (IAD) framework.
PDF PDF - 1.7 Mb [external link]

Bohnet et al. 2006. Community uses of and values attached to waters in the Tully-Murray catchment. First Milestone Report for FNQ NRM. CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems. Atherton, Australia.
PDF PDF - 7.9 Mb [external link]

McDonald G, Park S, Antony G, Thorburn P, Dawson S, Harmon B. 2006. Future Use of Sunshine Coast Cane Landscapes.
PDF PDF - 1.8 Mb [external link]

Measham T. 2006. Implementing Best Practice for Salinity and Biodiversity in Wallatin and O’Brien Sub-catchments Social Dimension Milestone A6: Findings and guiding principles. CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems Canberra, Australia.
PDF PDF - 1.0 Mb [external link]

Straton A, Heckbert S, Smajgl A, Ward J. 2006. Institutions for water trading and policy-making in the tropical savannas: a case study of the Katherine-Daly River region. Tropical Savannas CRC, CSIRO Darwin, Australia.
PDF PDF - 4.0 Mb [external link]

Bruce C, Kroon F. 2006. Metadata catalogue of digital spatial datasets for the Tully-Murray Catchments.
PDF PDF - 2.3 Mb [external link]

Hill P, Cresswell H, Hubbard L. 2006. Spatial prioritisation of NRM investment in the West Hume Area (Murray CMA region). Water for a Healthy Country National Research Flagship, CSIRO.
PDF PDF - 1.7 Mb [external link]

Kroon et al. 2006. Strengths and weaknesses in the development and delivery of the Douglas Shire Water Quality Improvement Plan. CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems. Atherton, Australia.
PDF PDF - 711 Kb [external link]

Heckbert S, Smajgl A, Straton A. 2006. Tindall Aquifer Water Trading Model: Technical Report and Scenario Results. CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems. Townsville, Australia.
PDF PDF - 1.1 Mb [external link]

Straton A, Heckbert S, Smajgl A, Ward J. 2006. Water trading in the Katherine-Daly River region: issues and scenarios. Tropical Savannas CRC, CSIRO. Darwin, Australia.
PDF PDF - 3.7 Mb [external link]


D M Smith DM, Roebeling PC, Webster AJ, Kragt M, Bohnet I, Zull A. 2005. Assessment of the Socio-Economic Impacts of Management Options for Improving Water Quality in Douglas Shire.
PDF PDF - 692 Kb [external link]

Foran B, Lenzen M, Dey C. 2005. Balancing Act, a triple bottom line analysis of the Australian economy.
Report in 4 volumes. Volume 1 also contains an Executive Summary.
PDF Volume 1 PDF - 5 Mb [external link]
PDF Volume 2 PDF - 21 Mb [external link]
PDF Volume 3 PDF - 28 Mb [external link]
PDF Volume 4 PDF - 24 Mb [external link]

Greiner R, Larson S, Herr A, Pinger P. 2005. Independent travellers in the North Kimberley: Benefits, impacts and management challenges. CSE Townsville, and Tropical Savannas CRC, Darwin, Australia.
Full report [external link, hosted on Tropical Savannas CRC Web site]

West J, Baynes T, Turner G. 2005. Melbourne Region Stocks and Flows Framework Technical Manual and User Manual.
PDF Technical Manual: PDF - 757 Kb [external link]
PDF User Manual: PDF - 1.9 Mb [external link]

McIvor JG, McIntyre S, Saeli I, Hodgkinson JJ. Patch dynamics in grazed sub-tropical native pastures in south-east Queensland. Austral Ecology.
PDF Publication appendix PDF - 23 Kb [external link]

Greiner R, Larson S, Herr A, Bligh V. 2005. Wellbeing of Nywaigi Traditional Owners: The contribution of country to wellbeing and the role of natural resource management.
PDF Report - PDF - 5.4 Mb [external link]
PDF Appendices - PDF - 7.1 Mb [external link]


Roebeling PC, Smith DM, Biggs J, Webster AJ, Thorburn PJ. 2004. Private-Economic Analysis of Drivers Promoting the Adoption of Best Management Practices for Water Quality Improvement in the Douglas Shire. Report on the Cost-Effectiveness of BMP Implementation for Water Quality Improvement for The Douglas Shire Water Quality Improvement Program.
PDF PDF -482 Kb [external link]

Dunlop M, Turner GM, Howden SM. 2004. Future sustainablility of the Australian grains industry.
PDF PDF - 2.8 Mb [external link]

Greiner R, Mayocchi C, Larson S, Stoeckl N, Schweigert R. 2004. Benefits and Costs of Tourism for Remote Communities - Case study for Carpentaria Shire in north-west Queensland.
PDF PDF - 1.5 Mb [external link]

Freudenberger D, Cawsey EM, Stol J, West P. 2004. Sustainable firewood supply in the Murray-Darling Basin.
PDF PDF - 4 Mb [external link]


Howden M, Ash A, Barlow S, Booth T, Charles S, Cechet B, Crimp S, Gifford R, Hennessy K, Jones R, Kirschbaum M, McKeon G, Meinke H, Park S, Sutherst B, Webb L, Whetton P. 2003. An overview of the adaptive capacity of the Australian agricultural sector to climate change - options, costs and benefits. CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems.
PDF PDF - 1.5 Mb [external link]

Brennan L, Lisson S, Kahn S, Poulton P, Carberry P, Bristow K. 2003. An economic and environmental evaluation of the benefits and risks of recycled-water irrigated crop production on the Darling Downs.
PDF PDF - 2.24 Mb [external link]

Aplin KP, Brown PB, Jacob J, Krebs CJ, Singleton GR. 2003. Field Methods for Rodent Studies in Asia and the Indo-Pacific. ACIAR Monograph No. 100, 223p, Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research, Canberra. This book can be downloaded on the Web from ACIAR [external link].

Tongway D, Hindley N, Seaborn B. 2003. Indicators of Ecosystem Rehabilitation Success, Stage 2 - Verification of EFA Indicators. Final Report.
PDF PDF - 1.2 Mb [external link]

Kearney B, Foran B, Poldi F, Lowe D. 2003. Modelling Australia's Fisheries to 2050: Policy and Implications.
PDF PDF - 1.6 Mb [external link]

Greiner R, Stoeckl N, Stokes C, Herr A, Bachmaier J. 2003. Natural resource management in the Burdekin Dry Tropics: social and economic issues.
PDF PDF - 4.7 Mb [external link]

Stafford Smith M, Walker D, Maru Y, Stoeckl N, Herr A, Breen J, Greiner R. 2003. Options for Understanding Regional Dynamics in Northern Australia.
PDF Full report and report summary [external link, hosted on Tropical Savannas CRC Web site]

Greiner R et al. 2003. Profiling and assessment of basins with respect to the sediment, nutrient and other diffuse-source loads they export to the Great Barrier Reef WHA.
ZIP - 10 Mb [external link]

Singleton GR, Hinds LA, Krebs CJ, Spratt DM. (eds). 2003. Rats, mice and people: rodent biology and management. ACIAR Monograph No. 96, 564p. Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research, Canberra, Australia. This book can be downloaded on the Web from ACIAR [external link].

Richards JD. 2003. Report on Threatened Shark Bay Marsupials, Western Barred Bandicoot Perameles bougainville bougainville, Burrowing Bettong Bettongia lesueur lesueur, Banded Hare-wallaby Lagostrophus fasciatus fasciatus, and Rufous Hare-wallaby Lagorchestes hirsutus bernieri and Lagorchestes hirsutus dorreae.
PDF PDF - 1.3 Mb [external link]


Foran B, Poldi F. 2002. Future Dilemmas. Options to 2050 for Australia's population, technology, resources and environment (National Futures Group 'Working Document' 02-01).
PDF PDF - 2.0 Mb [external link] 

Future Dilemmas 61 page summary document, Dilemmas Distilled: A Summary and Guide to the CSIRO Technical Report.
PDF PDF - 343 Kb [external link]

Ash A, Corfield J, Ksiksi T. 2002. The Ecograze Project: developing guidelines to better manage grazing country.
PDF Entire document PDF 8.5 Mb [external link]
PDF Part 1 PDF 1.8 Mb [external link]
PDF Part 2 PDF 2.1 Mb [external link]
PDF Part 3 PDF 3.0 Mb [external link]
PDF Part 4 PDF1.8 Mb [external link]

Richards J, Parsons B, Short J. 2002. Marsupial Rescue 2002 field report - the re-establishment of endangered mammals on mainland Australia. Field report to the Earthwatch Institute, for March 1995 to October 2002.
PDF PDF 712 Kb [external link]

Freudenberger D, Stol J. 2002. SAND Farmscapes Project - Integrating production and biodiversity - Final Report. A web version of the report links to the various chapters as separate pdf files.
PDF Web version PDF 960 Kb [external link]
PDF Full report PDF 11.5 Mb [external link]


Freudenberger D. 2001. Bush for the Birds: Biodiversity enhancement guidelines for the Saltshaker Project, Boorowa, NSW.
PDF PDF - 900 Kb [external link]

Best K, McIvor J, Green J, MacLeod N, McIntyre S, Martin T. 2001. Balancing Conservation and Production. Understanding and Using Landscape Thresholds in Property Planning.
PDF PDF - 4.9 Mb [external link]


Tongway D. 2000. Grazier manual - monitoring landscape productivity.
PDF PDF - 9.5 Mb [external link]

Austin MP, Cawsey EM, Baker BL, Yialeloglou MM, Grice DJ, Briggs SV. 2000. Predicted Vegetation Cover in the Central Lachlan Region - Final Report.
PDF PDF - 3.9 Mb [external link]

Publication is accompanied by a 'Predicted distribution of current vegetation communities in the central Lachlan region' map.
PDF PDF - 490 Kb [external link]


Singleton GR, Hinds LA, Leirs H, Zhang Z. (eds). 1999. Ecologically-based rodent management. ACIAR Monograph No. 59. pp. 494. Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research, Canberra. This book can be downloaded on the Web from ACIAR.

Freudenberger D. 1999. Guidelines for Enhancing Grassy Woodlands for the Vegetation Investment Project.
PDF PDF - 560 Kb [external link]