Dr Declan Page

Dr Declan Page.

Dr Declan Page: Researching water quality changes during water recycling via natural treatment systems

Dr Declan Page researches risk-assessment, water quality, treatment and management of water recycling via natural treatment systems.

  • 6 September 2010 | Updated 5 June 2013

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Current activities

Dr Declan Page is a Team Leader in CSIRO Land and Water's Water Reuse and Environmental Process Engineering research program.

His research is delivered through CSIRO Water for a Healthy Country's Sustainable Water Systems stream.

His research topics of special interest include:

Managed Aquifer Recharge and Urban Stormwater Use Options project

The project aims to partner with the National Water Commission, Salisbury Council, United Water and the Adelaide & Mt Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board to provide the South Australian Government with information to confidently assess the range of stormwater use options for Adelaide, with particular emphasis on addressing water safety and community acceptance.

Safe and acceptable options will be costed in a triple bottom line analysis.

The project will provide the foundational information to support highest valued uses of stormwater in a well-documented, transferable methodology that could be applied nationally, with specific immediate application in Adelaide.

The Australia-Indian Managed Aquifer Recharge workshops

In partnership with AusAid, these workshops aim to transfer Australian expertise in Managed Aquifer Recharge to India.

Training comprises theory, examination of practical examples and scientific collaboration to review and support several iconic demonstration projects in India.

Saph Pani (Enhancement of natural water systems and treatment methods for safe and sustainable water supply in India)

A United Nations funded collaborative research project, Saph Pani addresses the improvement of natural water treatment systems such as river bank filtration (RBF), managed aquifer recharge (MAR) and wetlands in India building on a combination of local and international expertise.

The project aims to enhance water resources and water supply particularly in water stressed urban and peri-urban areas in different parts of the sub-continent.

The project focuses on a set of case study areas in India covering various regional, climatic, and hydrogeological conditions as well as different treatment technologies.

Strategic projects

Improved measurement of the presence and fate of pathogens in natural systems such as aquifers.


Dr Declan Page specialises in drinking and wastewater quality, treatment and risk assessment and management.

Dr Declan Page has been involved in urban water research, specifically the recycling of storm water and waste water via aquifers. He specialises in drinking and wastewater quality, treatment and risk assessment and management. 

Prior to this appointment at CSIRO, Dr Page worked in the private sector for five years and has experience in utilities, environmental consulting and international development.

Academic qualifications

Dr Page has been awarded a:

  • Bachelor of Science from the University of Adelaide, South Australia, 1996
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Honours in Chemical Technology) from the University of South Australia, 1997
  • Master of Business Administration from the La Trobe University, Victoria, Australia, 2006
  • Doctor of Philosophy from the University of South Australia and the Cooperative Research Centre for Water Quality and Treatment, 2000.


Dr Page is the author of over 20 journal articles, five book chapters and numerous reports and conference papers.

He has won several awards including:

  • Academy of Technological Science and Engineering: Australia-Japan Emerging Leaders Exchange Program, 2010
  • Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship Award, 2010
  • CSIRO Capability Development Fund Award, 2010
  • Stormwater Industry Association: National Stormwater Excellence Awards, Research and Development, 2009
  • Australian Water Association: South Australian Water Award: Research and Development, 2009
  • CSIRO Strategic Excellence Award: Service from Science, 2008
  • Rajabhat Institute Award: Maha Sarakham, Thailand, 2004
  • Australian Water Association: G. Burton Medal, 2001
  • International Humic Substances Society: Travel Award, 2000
  • Australian Soil science Society: Travel Award, 1997.

Professional activities

Dr Page is a member of the:

  • Australian Water Association
  • Treasurer of the Royal Society of South Australia
  • Fellow of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust
  • Clarendon Brigade of the South Australian Country Service.

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