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Our People: Marine and Atmospheric Research

CMAR comprises about 550 staff located around Australia.
CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research

Dr Ray Leuning: measures and models land-atmosphere exchanges

Dr Ray Leuning uses micrometeorology, plant ecophysiology and remote sensing to measure and model land-atmosphere exchanges of heat, water vapour, CO2 and other greenhouse gases.

Dr Brenda B Lin: increasing climate change resilience in natural and managed lands through rational adaptation

Dr Brenda B Lin has sought to understand how the increasing intensification of the landscape, through both agriculture and urban development, has affected the delivery of ecosystem services to society.

Dr Peter Manins: examining our Living Atmosphere

Dr Peter Manins leads CSIRO's Living Atmosphere research into air pollution, greenhouse gases, and land and air exchange, providing observation and assessment of atmosphere and earth systems.

Dr Bruce Mapstone: Chief, CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research

Dr Bruce Mapstone believes outstanding science is essential to underpin Australia’s stewardship of the world’s third largest marine estate and Australian responses to changing climate. 

Dr Richard Matear: exploring ocean processes

Dr Richard Matear is a modeller specialising in the interaction of physical, chemical and biological processes in the oceans.

Dr Trevor McDougall: ocean mixing and climate

Dr Trevor McDougall's research is concentrated on fundamental issues in the field of ocean mixing and particularly how the known conservation equations should be properly averaged and included in ocean models.

Dr Kathleen McInnes: analysing the coastal impacts of climate change

Dr Kathleen McInnes undertakes coastal impacts research through the analysis of future climate conditions from computer simulations and the modelling of extreme coastal sea levels.

Dr Peter McIntosh: working to understand the connection between climate drivers and regional rainfall processes

Dr Peter McIntosh's goals are to improve the seasonal forecast skill of climate models, explore better farm management options based on current forecast systems, and to communicate this knowledge to farmers in southern Australia.

Ms Toni Moate

Ms Toni Moate is Deputy Chief, Science Operations of the CSIRO Marine & Atmospheric Research Business Unit, and Executive Director of the Future Research Vessel Project.

Mr James McLaughlin

Mr James McLaughlin provides project support to an array of research activities by primarily investigating the productivity processes of pelagic and benthic micro-algae, macro-algae and plants.

Mr Michael Haywood: understanding tropical marine ecosystems and the impact of human activity

Mr Michael Haywood has extensive experience as a marine ecologist, studying the complex biological and physical interactions within tropical marine environments.

Ms Sarah Lawson: investigating the chemical composition of our atmosphere

Ms Sarah Lawson explores the processes which govern short-lived atmospheric gases to understand their effect on air quality and climate.

Dr David Newth: modelling complex social and biological systems

Dr David Newth's research focuses on analysing, modelling and understanding the emergent behaviour of complex social and biological systems.

Dr Peter Nichols: studying marine oils for healthy diets and environments

Dr Peter Nichols conducts research on the development and use of signature lipid technology and marine oils, with particular emphasis on omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Dr Terry O'Kane: identifying modes of climate variability and predictability

Dr Terry O’Kane’s research leads to more accurate climate predictions through the improved description of Southern Hemisphere ocean-atmosphere circulation.

Dr John Parslow: managing coastal resources

Dr John Parslow leads a team working on the sustainable management of Australia’s coastal zone, home to approximately 86 per cent of Australians and an incredible variety of marine biodiversity.

Dr Éva Plagányi: leading model research for marine management

Dr Éva Plagányi leads research on models to support the sustainable management of marine systems. She has expertise in stock assessment modelling, ecosystem modelling and management strategy evaluation.

Dr Elvira Poloczanska: assessing the vulnerability of marine animals and habitats to climate change

Dr Elvira Poloczanska is working to further our understanding of the climate change threats and benefits for our coastal and marine systems and identify potential pathways for adaptation.

Dr Michael Raupach: understanding continental and global environmental change

Dr Michael Raupach's research investigates changes to climate and land systems resulting from the movement of water, heat, carbon and nutrients between land and atmosphere.

Dr Anthony J Richardson: predicting impacts of climate change

Dr Anthony Richardson's work is recognised internationally for significant contributions in the fields of climate impacts on marine species, plankton dynamics, and linkages between the environment, plankton and fisheries.

Dr Steve Rintoul: researching the Southern Ocean and how it affects global climate systems

Dr Steve Rintoul is a Research Team Leader at CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research. He is internationally recognised as a leading authority on the circulation of the Southern Ocean and how it affects global climate systems.

Dr Stan Robert: a pioneer in gene discovery

Dr Stan Robert brings his diverse experience in genetics research to the leadership of the Environmental Genomics Team at CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research.

Dr Leon Rotstayn: Researching aerosols and climate

Dr Leon Rotstayn is working to understand the effects of aerosols on climate, using climate models supported by observations.

Dr Melony Sellars: advancing aquaculture production using genetic technologies

Dr Melony Sellars is researching ways to enhance aquaculture production and breeding practices through the application of advanced genetic technologies.

Dr David C Smith: generating sound advice for marine resource management

Dr David Smith leads research that supports the balanced use of marine resources, focusing on sustainable fisheries and ecosystem conservation.

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