Head shot of Dr Afshin Ghahramani.

Dr Afshin Ghahramani, Postdoctoral research fellow, CSIRO Plant Industry.

Dr Afshin Grahramani: Modelling future agricultural systems

Dr Afshin Ghahramani is investigating how agricultural systems will adapt to predicted changes to the climate.

  • 1 May 2012 | Updated 6 December 2013

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Current activities

Dr Afshin Ghahramani is currently investigating the impact of adaptation and mitigation practices in mixed farm systems and livestock industries.

The trade-offs between profitability and Greenhouse Gas emissions (ruminant methane, nitrous oxide) and soil carbon sequestration are of particular interest.

Dr Ghahramani is using modelling techniques to evaluate how adaptation options integrate with mitigation practices.

He is also working on a national adaptation assessment investigating the value of adaptation practices to livestock and crop systems across Australia.

Dr Ghahramani's previous work involved modelling the potential impacts of climate change on plant growth and quality, livestock production, business risk and natural resource management outcomes in agricultural systems.

The variation of adaptation, over time and location, has been analysed across southern Australia.


Dr Ghahramani has nine years experience of supervising and designing different watershed management projects in North West Iran.

He commenced his postdoctoral research at CSIRO in 2011, after completing a PhD at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology investigating water flux, sediment, and organic material transport within the landscape.

This research combined novel field experiments and modelling of natural processes.

Academic qualifications

Dr Ghahramani has been awarded a:

  • Bachelor of Agricultural Engineering from the University of Mazandaran (1997) 
  • Master and Doctor of Philosophy from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (2006-2011)


Dr Ghahramani is a member of the American Geophysical Union and has received the following awards:

  • Japanese government scholarship (Monbusho)
  • Takayama international education foundation scholarship
  • Scientist award of Asia Pacific International Symposium on New Technologies for Prediction and Mitigation of Sediment Disasters, Tokyo 2009

A list of recent scientific papers published by Dr Ghahramani is available on the next page.

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