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Dr John Manners: Director, Agriculture Flagship

Dr John Manners, Director of CSIRO's Agriculture Flagship, has an interest in researching sub-tropical crops, including sugar, in northern Australia.

Gene silencing success (Podcast 13 Oct 2008)

Discover how Chinese scientist Dr Ming-Bo Wang has been working on gene silencing technology that allows control of the function of certain genes such as improving crop yields and treating diseases. Dr Wang talks about his work in this special Mandarin edition of CSIROpod. (10:56)

Better tree breeding (Podcast 13 Oct 2008)

Discover the work of Chinese scientist Dr Harry Wu in improving approaches to tree breeding. Dr Harry Wu talks about his work in this special Mandarin edition of CSIROpod. (11:11)

Licensing RNAi gene technology

Having developed the 'hairpin RNAi' gene silencing technology, CSIRO is now working with commercial partners to develop specific product applications.

Grapes and wine overview

CSIRO is contributing to improving the production, processing and marketing of grapes and grape products.  

2014 Cotton Horizons Workshop

on April 10-11, 2014, CSIRO brought together the movers and shakers of the Australian cotton industry for a two-day conference to consider how science can help this A$3 billion a year industry meet the challenges and opportunities of the future.

BARLEYmax grain FAQs

BARLEYmax™ grain is a natural wholegrain with enhanced nutritional benefits. This 'supergrain' is now available to consumers in a range of products. Find out how and where to buy these products.

Researching water use efficiency for increased grain yield

CSIRO and research partners working on the National Water Use Efficiency (WUE) Initiative have identified ways to improve yield through better WUE, in some cases by as much as 91 per cent.

Science for tomorrow: developments

This article from Farming Ahead contains four stories on increasing the range of durum wheat varieties, a joint venture to improve cotton varieties, how the sex life of silverleaf whiteflies affects their invasiveness and developing biofuels. (1 page)

Science for tomorrow: New developments

This article from Farming Ahead contains four stories on biofactories to produce ‘green’ plastics, drought tolerant wheats, the Kyoto Protocol as a first step in assessing climate change risks and providing technical expertise for Borneo’s Planted Forests Project. (1 page)

Science for tomorrow: New developments

This article from Farming Ahead contains four stories on the radio broadcast of pasture updates, minimising the spread of Hendra virus, the role of aerosols in rainfall patterns and algal biodiesel. (1 page)

Science for tomorrow: New developments

This article from Farming Ahead contains three stories on influenza diagnosis and surveillance in South-East Asia, a sustainable bioenergy report and dual-purpose crops. (1 page)

Dr Rhonda Foley: investigating plant response to diseases

Dr Rhonda Foley is studying plant defence regulation to understand how crops can be more effective against pathogens.

Dr Michelle Watt: helping wheat roots take up water

Dr Michelle Watt researches how roots grow and take up water from soil, and how they interact with soil microorganisms

Dr Michael Bange: leading research into cotton crop physiology and management

Dr Michael Bange develops decision support tools to assist cotton farm management.

Dr Peter Ryan: helping plants cope in hostile soils

Dr Peter Ryan is investigating how root biology and rhizospheric processes can improve crop production on hostile soils.

Dr Pushkar Shrestha: making oil seed crops healthier

Dr Pushkar Shrestha is developing long-chain omega-3 oil in seed crops.

Dr Mark Peoples: Deputy Chief, CSIRO Plant Industry

Dr Mark Peoples has particular research interests in farming methods to manage nitrogen and water, subsoil constraints, soil biology and lucerne.

Dr Manny Delhaize: unravelling acid soil tolerance

Dr Manny Delhaize is working to improve the acid soil tolerance of crops and pastures.

Dr Linda Tabe: making grains more nutritious

Dr Linda Tabe aims to produce bigger, more nutritious grain by researching how plants move carbon, nitrogen and sulfur compounds into developing grain.

Dr Linda Broadhurst: conserving remnant vegetation

Dr Linda Broadhurst aims to improve the restoration of Australia's highly degraded landscapes.

Dr Lars Kamphuis: discovering plant defence mechanisms

Dr Lars Kamphuis is investigating how plants defend themselves against attack from pests and disease.

Sugar research at CSIRO Plant Industry

CSIRO helps produce better sugarcane varieties to make sugarcane based industries more profitable and sustainable.

Working towards building a sustainable cotton industry for the future

CSIRO researchers are working with Australia's cotton industry to build a sustainable industry for the future.

Dr Jens Berger: investigating crop adaptation

Dr Jens Berger is investigating chickpea and lupin adaptation from an ecogeographic perspective.

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