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Dr Mark Gibson: alloy development and microstructure manipulation

Dr Mark Gibson is a materials engineering working in the development of novel processes and materials.

Dr Mark Pownceby: specialising in solid state chemistry and mineralogy research

Dr Mark Pownceby is a Senior Research Scientist with CSIRO's Process Science and Engineering Division. He has extensive expertise in solid state chemistry and mineralogy research.

Dr Kathie McGregor: investigating new technologies for electrolytic production of light metals

Dr Kathie McGregor is an electrochemist, who uses her specialised understanding of metal complex chemistry to develop improved industrial metal production processes.

Dr Alex Deev: using fundamental science to improve pyrometallurgical processes

Dr Alex Deev specialises in high temperature physical chemistry, biomass pyrolysis and the utilisation of renewable carbon in extractive metallurgy.

Mr Howard Poynton: managing materials characterisation research

Mr Howard Poynton leads the Materials Characterisation team for CSIRO's Process Science and Engineering Division. His team combines industry-leading expertise with sophisticated technology and techniques to characterise the physical, chemical, thermal and mechanical properties of materials and ores.

Mr John Barnes: creating advanced titanium fabrication technologies

Mr John Barnes leads a group of research teams focused on revolutionary additive manufacturing technologies which are expanding Australia's titanium processing industry.

Dr Chu Yong Cheng: specialising in solvent extraction technologies

Dr Chu Yong Cheng leads research in solvent extraction technologies for metal recovery.

CFD conference proceedings on CD-ROM

Proceedings of the second, third, fifth, seventh and ninth international conferences for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in the minerals and process industries are available online and for purchase on CD or USB stick.

Pure zircon process provides a solution for mineral sands processors

A process which lowers the radioactive and non-radioactive impurity levels of zircon could provide mineral sands processors with an economic method of accessing previously unattractive zircon deposits.

Making titanium metal powder

CSIRO scientists are developing a novel, high-efficiency process for making titanium metal with the aim of paving the way for a revolution in titanium metal production and fabrication.

Dr Keith Barnard: solvent extraction expert

Dr Keith Barnard leads the solvent extraction chemistry research group and the ‘SXT2’ multi-sponsored research project.

New analyser cuts complexity

A 'light bulb' moment led to CSIRO researchers combining two different x-ray based technologies to develop a new on-line analyser for slurries

Smoothing the copper electrowinning process

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling is helping researchers develop a better understanding of the copper and zinc electrowinning process.

CFD curbs the need for speed

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling has helped identify the cause of a 'puffing' problem at a nickel smelter.

Improving gravity thickener technology

CSIRO-led project on improving gravity thickener performance delivers A$295 million in benefits.

Sydney: Lucas Heights, NSW (Lucas Heights)

CSIRO Lucas Heights provides facilities for 80 staff for research in energy, environment and minerals.

Dr Theo Rodopoulos: developing new electrochemical processing technologies

Dr Rodopoulos leads research in electrochemical processing and waste treatment using non-aqueous electrochemistry.

Dr Leon Prentice: engineering new processes

Dr Leon Prentice is a chemical engineer with expertise in the development of novel processes and materials, and experience in processing minerals and metals and developing biomaterials.

Dr Paul Breuer: extracting precious metals from complex ores

Dr Paul Breuer leads research into extracting precious metals from complex ores. He focuses on improving the sustainability of the current cyanidation process for recovering gold from ores, and developing alternative technologies for the gold industry.

Crystals that trap pollution win at Tall Poppies

CSIRO mathematician Dr Aaron Thornton was named a 2012 Victorian Young Tall Poppy last night, in recognition of his work in carbon dioxide and molecular gas research.

Dr Sharif Jahanshahi: leading research in sustainable mineral processing

Dr Sharif Jahanshahi and his team are developing ways to reduce emissions and waste streams generated during mineral processing while also improving the efficiency of the processes being used. 

Mr Andreas Monch: estimating process viability for new technologies

Andreas Monch is a chemical engineer with expertise in engineering development, flow-sheeting and economic evaluation of new processes over a wide range of industries.

Titanium Challenge 2012

Get titanium for your cranium!

High grade metallurgical coke from waste stream biomass

We have developed a process to make a dense, high purity biocoke which is comparable in cost and quality with metallurgical grade petcoke, and seeks a commercial partner who is willing to invest in further development and trialling of this product in an industrial setting.

Solving a large scale problem for the alumina industry

We are researching ways to reduce scale in equipment used to produce alumina, which costs the industry hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

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