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Flagship clusters are large scale research programs.

Flagship clusters

The Flagship clusters are large scale research programs with an emphasis on people and partnerships working on a collection of strongly integrated projects relevant to a Flagship's goals.

  • 31 August 2011 | Updated 3 June 2014


At the present time the FCF is not accepting any applications. The information on the website refers to previously available funding opportunities.

When further rounds are initiated, information will be posted to our webpage and a bulletin sent to the FCF Mailing list. You can join the Mailing list [external link].

Flagship clusters are funded for three years at A$1 million per annum with matching co-investment from partner organisations.

Eligible applicants include:

  • Australian and overseas higher education institutions
  • Cooperative Research Centres (CRCs)
  • other Australian and overseas publicly funded research agencies.

Each cluster must include at least one Australian university.

Flagship clusters have been accepted for inclusion on the Australian Competitive Grants Register.

Read more about funded Clusters or find out more about Clusters by reading the Flagship collaborative research program guidelines.

What makes a successful cluster?

  • A strong proactive Cluster Leader - skilled at scientific, management and administrative leadership - and who can foster a strong relationship with the Flagship Director.
  • A manageable number of partners.
  • Open and honest communication across the partners with a good understanding and commitment to their collaborative agreement.
  • Awareness that a Cluster formally lives for only 3 years but longer term opportunities might be possible i.e. Other sources of funds.  Note: Clusters represent a minimum 50:50 co-investment partnership between CSIRO and Cluster partners (full cost basis).
  • A well thought through research program
    • consisting of integrated and focussed projects
    • with sufficient depth and originality in the science appropriately responding to the specifications
    • that compares to national/international efforts
    • with deliverables that are realistic and practical for a 3 year timeframe
    • that has effective and complimentary links to the Flagship Research Program.
  • A team of skilled researchers who will commit time and effort, including the Cluster Leader.

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