Partnership Highlights

Recent Trends in Material Flows and Resource Productivity in Latin America

This project aims to understand material consumption patterns across the Latin American Caribbean region and how these patterns reflect and shape industrial transitions and national and regional economies.

Managing species and natural ecosystems in a changing climate

CSIRO's Climate Adaptation Flagship research is developing and delivering adaptation options to protect from the impacts of climate change Australia's marine and terrestrial species, ecosystems and the services they provide.

Science Highlights

The implications of climate change for Australia's biodiversity conservation and protected areas

CSIRO's landmark Australia-wide assessment of the impacts of climate change on biodiversity and the National Reserve System will inform future management of Australia's protected areas.

Vineyard records link early grape ripening to climate change

By using decades of vineyard records, scientists have for the first time been able to attribute early ripening of wine grapes to climate warming and declines in soil water content.

Resource efficiency in Asia and the Pacific

CSIRO worked with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to assess the challenges associated with resource use in the Asia-Pacific region.

Marine Climate Impacts and Adaptation

Rising ocean temperatures pose a threat to fisheries and marine biodiversity. CSIRO scientists are studying how climate change will affect Australia’s oceans, and developing adaptation options to respond to these challenges.