Future Grid Forum: change and choice for Australia’s electricity system

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Exploring future scenarios

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The Future Grid Forum has developed four scenarios that have far-reaching implications for the current and future electricity supply chain and would alter the electricity system in Australia.

How much and in what ways could consumers choose to manage their electricity use? What are the implications for electricity bills and the structure of the electricity sector?

How all of this might play out in the decades to 2050; and how we best manage and benefit from the scenarios is a crucial conversation.

The scenarios are not predictions; they are windows through which we can view potential futures for Australia’s electricity sector and have been developed through extensive quantitative modelling, analysis and social dimensions research.

The four scenarios that were explored in detail were:

  • Set and forget
  • Rise of the prosumer
  • Leaving the grid
  • Renewables thrive.

Investigate these scenarios in more detail below and find out what they mean for you.

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The Forum acknowledges that the future is likely to be a hybrid of the four options and does not endorse any particular scenario.