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Making sense of taste (Podcast 10 Jun 2011)

In this vodcast, we meet CSIRO scientists who work in the complex area of sensory and consumer science. They measure our food preferences, our sense of taste and smell and our ability to perceive texture, with a view to helping consumers make healthy food choices by understanding better our likes and dislikes, and by working with food companies to make tasty and healthy food products. (7:51)

Protecting Tasmania’s salmon industry (Podcast 16 Aug 2007)

Tasmania is renowned for its Atlantic salmon, but the fish are under attack from amoebic gill disease and in this podast Dr Mathew Cook, from CSIRO and the Food Futures Flagship, talks about a new a vaccine designed to boost the productivity of Tasmania’s  A$230 million a year Atlantic salmon industry. (4:53)

Dr Surinder Singh: modifying plant oils

Dr Surinder Singh is Group Leader of the Oilseeds Group of CSIRO Plant Industry's Metabolic Engineering of New Plant Products program and is developing new plant oils for edible and industrial uses.

Dr Crispin Howitt: improving the quality of cereals

Dr Crispin Howitt leads a research group that is exploring the genetic basis of cereal quality.

Dr Steve Jobling: developing healthy new cereals

Dr Steve Jobling and his team are developing new cereal varieties with nutritional benefits and unique quality attributes.

Dr Ahmed Regina: understanding how plants make starch

Dr Regina leads a research group investigating the control of starch biosynthesis and structure in cereals with a focus on high amylose starches.

Dr Wei Xu: exploring insect chemosensory system

Dr Wei Xu is part of the Cybernose™ group studying insect olfactory system.

Sex Ratio and Sterility Cluster

CSIRO is leading a new international partnership aimed at understanding and managing sex ratio and sterility in farmed animals to improve productivity, profitability and animal welfare.

Scientific support for Australian fisheries

CSIRO combines expertise in physics, biology, mathematics, economics and computer sciences to observe, understand and support the balanced use and conservation of Australia's marine fisheries.

Improving prawn feeding efficiency

CSIRO is developing automated sensors and software to assist the prawn aquaculture industry.

Partnering for premium abalone

A partnership that combines research and commercial expertise is developing a premium line of Australian abalone.

Dr Mathew Cook: developing molecular tools for Atlantic salmon aquaculture

Dr Mathew Cook leads research on developing molecular tools to support the health and productivity of Australia's Atlantic salmon industry.

Dr Kari Gobius: enhancing the food that we eat

Dr Kari Gobius leads a team that conducts scientific research on food safety, consumer acceptance and consumption of food and the effects of nutrition on genetic health.

Food overview

CSIRO is helping provide healthier food choices. CSIRO is developing high quality, healthy foods that are better suited to consumer and industry preference.

Flagships: science tackling the big challenges

Dr Ron Sandland, ex-Deputy Chief Executive and Chair of the Flagship Oversight Committee, wrote an article titled: Flagships: science tackling the big challenges.  He described the reasons for creating Flagships, how they were designed, how they are measured, and how they will evolve.

Farming Ahead: CSIRO and related articles from 2008

Farming Ahead magazine regularly features CSIRO's research for the agricultural sector. This is a list of CSIRO articles published in the magazine throughout 2008.

Farming Ahead: CSIRO and related articles from 2006

Farming Ahead magazine regularly features CSIRO’s research for the agricultural sector. This is a list of CSIRO articles published in the magazine throughout 2006.

Farming Ahead: CSIRO and related articles from 2007

Farming Ahead magazine regularly features CSIRO and related research for the agricultural sector. This is a list of articles published in the magazine throughout 2007.

Dr Emma Huang: exploring complex plant genetics with statistics

Dr Emma Huang is developing methods for statistical bioinformatics of important agricultural crops like wheat and sugarcane.

Dr David Cox: taking on consumers with attitudes

Willingness in the marketplace to accept new foods and technologies is often counterbalanced by concerns. Dr David Cox, leader of CSIRO’s Consumer Acceptance project, is examining how this attitude varies with food product, production method and cultural background.

Mr David Brewer: leading research on marine environmental management

Mr David Brewer brings 20 years of research experience to his role as leader of the Marine Ecological Processes and Prediction Program at CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research (CMAR).

Dr David Clifford: bringing a statistical perspective to bioinformatics

Dr David Clifford is a researcher who uses his skills in statistics to make sense of large and complex biological datasets.

Dr Brett Glencross: delivering sustainable feeds and aquaculture production

Dr Brett Glencross is a world authority in the field of aquaculture nutrition and has contributed to the sustainable growth of aquaculture industries in Australia and overseas.

Blueblood Atlantic salmon for Tasmania

A five-year selective breeding program is expected to bring A$20 million in benefits to Tasmania’s Atlantic salmon industry when the first progeny are harvested in 2009–10.

The bioeconomy and its importance

The bioeconomy will provide a platform to a sustainable future by providing security of food, water and energy supplies, reduced emissions, and the sustainable use of both biological and non-biological resources.

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