Our research

The key challenges we address are:

  • Maintaining the sustainability and viability of the Australian food industry, by developing innovative processes, technologies and products
  • Working with research partners, government and industry to reduce the impact of metabolic and nutritional health challenges
  • Developing technologies and bioproducts to cope with the demands of a resource-constrained world.


Impromy™ Health and Weight Management Program

Impromy™ is a unique health and weight management program available exclusively through selected pharmacies. The program has been developed by Probiotec and clinically tested by CSIRO and includes the support of trained staff who will help you to achieve your weight loss and related health goals.

Water recycling for sustainable food manufacturing

New water recycling research will help clarify the feasibility and benefits of using water reuse and recycling technologies across the agri-food industries sector.

A new biosensor for detecting maltose

CSIRO researchers are working to develop biosensors with a range of possible applications, including the development of a sensor for maltose that could have applications in the food and beverage industries.

Food Pilot Plant

CSIRO's food innovation centre is a unique national facility with access to significant expertise and innovative technologies for the food industry.

Renewable and biodegradable materials

Renewable and biodegradable materials are environmentally friendly and cheaper to produce.
Renewable and biodegradable materials not only consume less energy in their preparation, but also are less problematic to dispose of at the end of their useful life.