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CSIRO leads additive manufacturing charge with new titanium facility

CSIRO has announced the opening of a new titanium additive manufacturing facility that will be used for developing advanced titanium parts for aerospace, medical, automotive and manufacturing applications.

Victorian Direct Manufacturing Centre

Helping Victorian manufacturing to become more sustainable and globally competitive.

Titanium technologies: our people

We tap specialised scientific and engineering skills to help build a titanium industry.

Dr Christian Doblin

Dr Christian Doblin is an engineer working to scale up CSIRO's titanium metal production process, TiRO™, to demonstration plant status.

Creating a titanium processing and manufacturing industry for Australia

Taking titanium from ore to more via advanced metal production and direct manufacturing technologies.

Manufacturing Technologies for Transport & Mining

We produce technologies for sustainable transport, intelligent processes for efficient manufacturing, high-performance lightweight materials, and detectors and sensing systems.

Our People

We draw on a broad base of expertise to deliver our portfolio, including chemists, physicists, engineers, materials scientists, polymer specialists and environmental scientists.

High precision retro reflectors for GRACE - mapping Earth's gravity field

CSIRO supplies essential equipment to the GRACE initiative to map Earth's gravity field, which supplies scientific information on earthquakes, changes in sea ice, sea level, and groundwater levels.

Australian Sustainable Manufacturing Initiative

Engaging thought leaders from industry, government and academia on emerging issues and technologies shaping the Australian manufacturing sector.

Australian scientist awarded a Royal Medal from the Royal Society London

Internationally recognised chemist Professor Andrew Holmes has been awarded the 2012 Royal Medal – the only Australian in 10 years to receive the award.


CAANEVI, a Chinese-Australian alliance offers Australian manufacturers early opportunities to enter Chinese automotive component supply chains.

International collaboration in manufacturing, materials and minerals

CSIRO works with industry leaders around the world to develop sustainable products, processes and services and to provide solutions for the exploration, mining, minerals processing and metal production industries.

Teaming up on titanium: CSIRO joins forces with US

US Energy Department Laboratory, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with CSIRO to explore ways to improve efficiency for powders used as feedstock in the production of titanium components.

Nanoparticles for printed plastic electronics

CSIRO is researching ways to make semiconducting, inorganic nanoparticles which can be used to develop new consumer devices and printable solar cells.

Titanium metal production

CSIRO supports the development of an Australian titanium metal production industry through advanced metal production technologies.

Dr Kevin Winzenberg: synthesising organic semiconductors for high efficiency solar cells

Dr Kevin Winzenberg researches development of small organic molecules for use as semiconductors in electronic devices such as solar cells and transistors.

Powder to product

CSIRO aims to stimulate an Australian titanium industry with applied research on production of feedstock products including titanium sheet and wire.

Experts collaborate for brighter future in electronics

A group of leading Australian scientists has come together to develop lower-cost flexible optoelectronic solutions that could transform the Australian consumer electronics industry.

Creating precision optics

You want something impossibly smooth, round or flat? At CSIRO Optics we've been manufacturing with precision for more than fifty years.

Rolling out renewable energy with printable solar cells. (Podcast 24 Feb 2009)

World leading research from CSIRO’s Future Manufacturing Flagship as part of the Victorian Organic Solar Cell Consortium (VICOSC) aims to develop flexible, large area, cost-effective, reel-to-reel printable plastic solar cells. (5:29)

Testing the health and safety of carbon nanotubes (Podcast 23 Mar 2009)

Carbon nanotubes, or CNT’s, are tiny straw-like cylinders of pure carbon that are potentially useful in electronics, optics and other areas of materials science. (4:44)

Dr Swee Mak: Director, Future Manufacturing Flagship

Dr Swee Mak is leading CSIRO's development of cleaner advanced materials and manufacturing technologies to grow Australia’s future productivity and prosperity.

Sustainable materials

CSIRO is developing innovative technologies for the plastics industry in market segments as diverse as aerospace, renewable energy and packaging.

CSIRO Short Stops: Solar Cells

Take a CSIRO Short Stop: snack-sized science for people on the go.

Q&A: organic photovoltaic printable plastic solar cells

Flexible, large area, cost-effective, reel-to-reel printable plastic solar cells: your questions answered.

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