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Dial "D" for Diagnosis (Podcast 26 Feb 2013)

Researchers are developing an inexpensive mobile-phone-based sensor that will allow users in developing countries to rapidly diagnose infectious disease such as malaria or tuberculosis. (7:05)

Scientists use 3D printing to track big fish

CSIRO scientists are using 3D printing to build a new generation of hi-tech fish tags made of titanium. The aim is to use the tags to track big fish such as marlin, tuna, swordfish, trevally and sharks for longer periods.

Understanding nanotechnology

Nanotechnologies have the potential to offer a wide range of economic, social and environmental benefits.

Low cost energy, using organic photovoltaics

CSIRO is developing new materials and processes to enable high throughput, low cost reel-to-reel printable electronics for the production of thin film organic photovoltaic solar cells.

Mr John Barnes: creating advanced titanium fabrication technologies

Mr John Barnes leads a group of research teams focused on revolutionary additive manufacturing technologies which are expanding Australia's titanium processing industry.

Advanced fibrous materials: lighter, stronger, smarter

Advanced materials improve the design and fabrication of products, introducing new qualities such as biodegradability, thermal and electrical conductivity, high-strength, flexibility and fire resistance.

Dr Jacek Jasieniak: researching nanoparticle inks for high performance printed solar cells

Dr Jasieniak leads research to develop inorganic nanoparticle inks for manufacture of high performance printed solar cells.

Our research

CSIRO carries out research into organic photovoltaics and integrated plastic electronics, using our specialist experience in nanotechnology, conducting polymers, and control of polymer structure on a molecular level.

Making titanium metal powder

CSIRO scientists are developing a novel, high-efficiency process for making titanium metal with the aim of paving the way for a revolution in titanium metal production and fabrication.

Dr Fiona Scholes - investigating the internal function of solar cells

Dr Fiona Scholes is helping to bring printed solar cells to reality by improving the function of their interior interfaces.

Dr Aaron Thornton: discovering new materials that capture and remove pollution from the environment

Mathematician Dr Aaron Thornton is developing predictive models for materials that capture and separate gases including carbon dioxide, hydrogen and nitrogen.

Biodegradation testing facility

CSIRO has designed and built testing laboratories that can assess the biodegradation of plastics according to Australian Standard AS 4736.

Sustainable High Performance Materials

We develop sustainable, eco-efficient technologies for production of high performance materials which meet a range of industrial and consumer needs.


Bioplastics, or “green polymers”, are derived from renewable biomass sources, such as starch, protein or polylactic acid, blended with natural fillers.

CSIRO leads additive manufacturing charge with new titanium facility

CSIRO has announced the opening of a new titanium additive manufacturing facility that will be used for developing advanced titanium parts for aerospace, medical, automotive and manufacturing applications.

Victorian Direct Manufacturing Centre

Helping Victorian manufacturing to become more sustainable and globally competitive.

Titanium technologies: our people

We tap specialised scientific and engineering skills to help build a titanium industry.

Dr Christian Doblin

Dr Christian Doblin is an engineer working to scale up CSIRO's titanium metal production process, TiRO™, to demonstration plant status.

Polymer Electronics

Using nanotechnology and conductive polymers to develop a new generation of plastic electronics will change our lives in much the same way as the first microchip did.

Creating a titanium processing and manufacturing industry for Australia

Taking titanium from ore to more via advanced metal production and direct manufacturing technologies.

Manufacturing Technologies for Transport & Mining

We produce technologies for sustainable transport, intelligent processes for efficient manufacturing, high-performance lightweight materials, and detectors and sensing systems.

Our People

We draw on a broad base of expertise to deliver our portfolio, including chemists, physicists, engineers, materials scientists, polymer specialists and environmental scientists.

High precision retro reflectors for GRACE - mapping Earth's gravity field

CSIRO supplies essential equipment to the GRACE initiative to map Earth's gravity field, which supplies scientific information on earthquakes, changes in sea ice, sea level, and groundwater levels.

Australian scientist awarded a Royal Medal from the Royal Society London

Internationally recognised chemist Professor Andrew Holmes has been awarded the 2012 Royal Medal – the only Australian in 10 years to receive the award.


CAANEVI, a Chinese-Australian alliance offers Australian manufacturers early opportunities to enter Chinese automotive component supply chains.

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