Our Infrastructure Technologies include:


CSIRO can test compliance with Australian and ISO Standards, determine performance levels or support performance-based building applications. Our laboratories are  accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities NATA for many of the test methods.


CSIRO's Infrastructure Technologies provides solutions in the design, development and establishment of performance requirements for building products and systems.

Verification and certification

CSIRO's verification services provide an independent, authoritative certification process and exclusively operates several certification schemes.

Contract research services

Contract research services are offered in materials, construction and manufacturing science to provide solutions to meet customer needs.

CSIRO’s services are:

  • independent, authoritative and internationally recognised
  • confidential, accurate and professionally managed.

Infrastructure Technologies offers testing, certification, consultancy and contract services at its sites in Melbourne and Sydney, including:

  • Fire testing: The CSIRO Fire Science and Technology Laboratory carries out testing certification and standardisation in the areas of reaction to fire and fire resistance.
  • Fire engineering: The CSIRO Fire engineering consultancy service provides independent and objective fire safety engineering expertise and services to building and infrastructure design projects.
  • Fire systems: CSIRO Fire systems has the capability to evaluate, to Australian and international Standards, a range of automatic fire detection, alarm and protection equipment, as well as fire suppression systems.
  • Facades: The CSIRO Facade engineering and weather performance of buildings group specialises in evaluating and certifying the various elements associated with the building envelope. We offer NATA accredited facade testing in our laboratory or independent certification at a third party facility.

    CSIRO's services are independent, authoritative and internationally recognised, confidential, accurate and professionally managed.

  • Hydraulics: The CSIRO Hydraulics Laboratory offers a range of special-purpose equipment designed to meet the testing and certification requirements of the plumbing industry.
  • Acoustics: CSIRO provides a range of acoustic research, measurement and consulting services to help improve the acoustic environments in buildings, optimise the acoustic behaviour of products and certify acoustic performance.
  • Coatings and materials durability: CSIRO Materials durability group provides a range of services to the automotive, aerospace and building industries, including expertise in polymer degradation and stabilisation mechanisms.
  • Timber structures: CSIRO has the capability to test, assess and grade a range of timber products to Australian Standards.
  • Slips, surfaces and waterproof membranes: CSIRO offers a range of slip-resistance services, from collaborative and strategic research, to consultancy and testing to international Standards.
  • Thermal insulation: CSIRO offers a range of thermal property measurement services. Thermal testing is carried out in accordance with key standards or methods standards. 
  • Verification services: CSIRO's verification services provides an independent certification process, and currently operate several approval and certification schemes.