Our research

Gilding the gum tree – scientists strike gold in leaves

Eucalyptus trees in the Kalgoorlie region of Western Australia are drawing up gold particles from the earth via their root system and depositing it in their leaves and branches.

WA Centre of Excellence in 3D Mineral Mapping

CSIRO has partnered with government and industry to form a centre of excellence to develop three-dimensional (3D) mineral maps of the Australian continent.

HyLogging™ systems

CSIRO’s HyLoggingTM systems provide a means to routinely and objectively capture detailed mineralogical information from drill core, chips and powder using reflectance spectroscopy.

Spectral sensing technologies

Spectral sensing research is a key part of CSIRO’s exploration geoscience, providing accurate measurements of mineralogy, mineral chemistry and environmental indicators that empowers the resource industry to more efficiently explore and mine.

Joint Surveys Uranium Mineral Systems Project

CSIRO is working to improve the understanding of Australian uranium mineral systems in the Northern Territory and South Australia.

Practical three-dimensional electromagnetic inversion for exploration

CSIRO has conducted mathematical and algorithm research to develop software for the minerals exploration industry that can improve the interpretation of electromagnetic survey data from airborne and ground systems.
CSIRO is conducting mathematical and algorithm research to develop software for the minerals exploration industry.

Ore systems science to unlock Australia's hidden mineral wealth

Ore Systems research underpins CSIRO’s exploration geoscience, allowing the development and testing of models for the formation of large ore systems. This improves mineral exploration targeting at all stages, from area selection to drilling.