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Frog poison may unravel brain mysteries

CSIRO has completed the first  synthesis of histrionicotoxin 285A, a compound found in the protected Poison Arrow Frog from South America.

Peach Melba

A healthy recipe for a dessert as discussed on Channel 7's Today Tonight television program.

Paneberry pudding

Top off your Christmas meal with this pudding from the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet.

Mushroom, leek and asparagus tartlet

For a healthy entree, try this mushroom, leek and aparagus tartlet from the CSIRO Total Wellbeing diet team.

Dr Mahinda Abeywardena: attacking heart and blood vessel diseases

Dr Mahinda Abeywardena’s research investigates foods that fight against diseases of the heart and vascular system. Dr Mahinda Abeywardena’s research focuses on diseases of the heart and blood vessels - and food components that help prevent them.

Leek, salmon and asparagus tartlets

A delicious recipe for an entrée from the Total Wellbeing Diet researchers.

Kids Eat, Kids Play survey

The Preventative Health Flagship was partnered with the University of South Australia to undertake one of the most important surveys of children ever to be undertaken in Australia.

Dr Kari Gobius: enhancing the food that we eat

Dr Kari Gobius leads a team that conducts scientific research on food safety, consumer acceptance and consumption of food and the effects of nutrition on genetic health.

Dr Jose Varghese: gazing into crystals, seeing protein structure

Dr Jose Varghese leads a neurodegenerative diseases project and is developing technology to determine the structure of membrane proteins, particularly in brain receptors and how they may contribute to diseases like depression and psychosis.

Dr Ian Saunders: applying statistics to the problems of human health

Dr Ian Saunders uses his expertise in statistics to design efficient experiments and analyse complex data in the area of biological sciences.

How the Total Wellbeing Diet was researched

CSIRO has conducted several of the largest studies showing that higher protein dietary patterns for weight management have metabolic advantages over high carbohydrate patterns in overweight people.

How the high protein diets and women study was conducted

Researchers at CSIRO studied 100 overweight and obese women on two different diets over a period of 12 weeks.

CSIRO Healthy Heart Program: shopping lists

To assist you in following the CLIP twelve week menu plan, here are shopping lists for the recipes included in the plan.

Healthy Heart Program: for the media

A book outlining the CSIRO Healthy Heart Program was published by CSIRO and Penguin Books in October 2008.

Health information and patient management

New health management systems, through the applications of advanced information and communication technology, data analysis and statistics, are delivering improved patient treatments and new ways to retrieve, organise and communicate healthcare data.

Positive health outcomes from better use of medical data

CSIRO e-health software brings together scattered medical data without revealing patient identities, greatly enhancing our ability to tackle disease and understand complex health issues.

Enabling a revolution in healthcare through e-health innovation

CSIRO is using information and communication technologies to build a sustainable health care system for Australia and meet the challenges of an aging population.

CSIRO Healthy Heart Program: checklists

The CSIRO Healthy Heart Program book includes a number of checklists to assist you in following the CLIP plan.

Understanding and improving gut health

The Preventative Health Flagship aims to improve gut health by developing prevention strategies based on a thorough understanding of the gut environment.

The CSIRO Healthy Heart Program

The CSIRO Healthy Heart Program, published by CSIRO and Penguin, is designed to look after the health of your whole cardiovascular system, to improve your health and wellbeing as well as to help reduce your risk factors such as blood cholesterol levels, blood pressure and excess weight.

Fruit and vegetables and the Total Wellbeing Diet

Answers to frequently asked questions about fruits and vegetables and the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet.

Christmas fruit mince slice

For a healthy snack or desert try this Christmas fruit mince slice from the Total Wellbeing team, as seen on Channel 7's Today Tonight television program.

Food safety

Eating healthy and safe foods are fundamental activities that people enjoy in Australia. Ensuring foodborne pathogens, especially pathogenic bacteria, are appropriately controlled and dealt with is key to healthy eating and our ongoing wellbeing.

Following the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet

Answers to frequently asked questions about following the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet.

Fats and oils and the Total Wellbeing Diet

Answers to frequently asked questions about fats and oils recommended in the Total Wellbeing Diet.

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