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Northern Australia

CSIRO has operated in northern Australia for more than 70 years and continues to maintain a strong presence in the region.

Data standards for water and energy consumption and supply

Developing consistent protocols for better access to, and use of, data in the energy and water industries.

Ministers release FGARA reports [external link]

Ministers release reports from the Flinders and Gilbert Agricultural Resource Assessment, 6th February 2014

Urban Water Theme

Research from this Water for a Healthy Country Flagship theme aims to provide climate resilient integrated water services that enhance the sustainability and liveability of Australian cities.

Water for a Healthy Country Flagship publications

Contains a link to the CSIRO research publications repository that contains a listing of publications from Water for a Healthy Country Flagship. Publications are available for download where publishers' permissions permit.

CSIRO/JCU Tropical Landscapes Joint Venture Seminar Series

CSIRO free public seminars in Townsville, Queensland.

Recently published Water for a Healthy Country publications

View our recently published journal articles from October 2013 to now.

Dr Frederieke Kroon: informing rehabilitation of coastal zones

Dr Frederieke Kroon's research informs rehabilitation of coastal zones using a collaborative and integrated approach to both catchment management and aquatic health, to improve water quality, aquatic biodiversity and fisheries production.

Water Availability in a Changing Climate

The Water for a Healthy Country Flagship is investigating how a changing climate and land use is impacting on Australia's future water security and developing scientific tools and knowledge to help water managers plan accordingly.

Bio robots make a splash in the Indian Ocean

Robotic floats armed with revolutionary new sensors will be launched in the Indian Ocean, as part of a new India-Australia research partnership to find out what makes the world's third largest ocean tick – and how both nations can benefit from it.

Dr. Vadakattu Gupta: researching functional microbial ecology for agricultural and environmental benefit

Dr. Gupta is researching on soil microbial function and diversity to enhance crop productivity and resilience of ecosystem health.

Sewerage overview

CSIRO is helping Australia take a wide ranging view of managing its water and sewer systems.

Removing willows saves water

CSIRO research has shown that replacing in-stream willows with native vegetation helps save water.

Dr Kayley Usher: researching microbially influenced corrosion of buried steel pipes

Dr Kayley Usher is a CSIRO Postdoctoral Fellow investigating microbially influenced corrosion on the external surface of buried steel pipes.

Research for a water-secure world

CSIRO is increasingly building partnerships across the globe. This brochure highlights our demonstrated capability in international water-related research through the establishment of strong, long-term collaborative relationships.

Social and cultural values of water in Darwin’s rural area

CSIRO conducted community research to explore the value of water in the Howard River area given the increasing demand for water from Darwin residents and the surrounding rural properties.

Resource Recovery from Wastewater

CSIRO and AWA worked together to host a one day seminar on resource recovery from wastewater.

Dr Chris Hardy: researching ecogenomics

Dr Chris Hardy is applying advanced molecular techniques to better understand biological complexity at environmentally meaningful scales.

Land and Water Seminars Canberra

CSIRO Land and Water free public seminars in Canberra.

Land and Water Seminars Canberra

CSIRO Land and Water free public seminars in Canberra.

Land and Water Seminars Perth

CSIRO Land and Water free public seminars in Perth.

Farming Ahead: CSIRO and related articles from 2010

Farming Ahead magazine regularly features CSIRO's research for the agricultural sector. This is a list of CSIRO articles published in the magazine throughout 2010.

Land and Water Seminars Melbourne

CSIRO Land and Water free public seminars in Melbourne.

Cyclones, droughts and floods

Learn how our research helps understand the causes and impacts of natural disasters.

Water Resource Assessment Overview

Water Resource Assessment is one of four research themes within the Water for a Healthy Country Flagship. This research aims to help Australia better manage its river basins and groundwater resources.

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