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Dr Lei Cheng: Investigating the impacts of rising CO2 concentration on water availability

Dr Lei Cheng’s research focuses on investigating the coupling between water and carbon and assessing the ecohydrological impacts of rising CO2 concentration.

The Gulumoerrgin (Larrakia) Seasons Calendar

Members of the Gulumoerrgin language group worked with CSIRO staff to document and compile their Indigenous seasonal knowledge into a calendar.

CSIRO/JCU Tropical Landscapes Joint Venture Seminar Series

CSIRO free public seminars in Townsville, Queensland.

Dr Erin Hestir: quantifying landscape effects on aquatic ecosystems

Dr Erin Hestir uses remote sensing and geospatial technologies to understand how climate and environmental change influence aquatic ecosystem responses.

Ms Grace Tjandraatmadja: improving our understanding of sustainable water service options

Ms Grace Tjandraatmadja is evaluating integrated water and wastewater services and transition strategies for more sustainable and climate resilient urban water services.

Dr Luis Neumann: integrated urban water management and modelling

Dr Neumann specialises in hydrological and water quality modelling, climate change impacts and integrated urban water and stormwater management.

Simplified Daily River Model: Murray-Darling Basin water planning

The Simplified Daily River Model is the most defensible assessment of available water resources in the Murray-Darling Basin, considering environmental, economic and social impacts.

Dr Jorge Luis Peña Arancibia: Improving our knowledge of the impacts of climate and environmental change on water resources

Dr Jorge Peña Arancibia is analysing global datasets and using hydrological models to advance the understanding of global change impacts on water resources.

Dr Marta Yebra: using remote sensing to assess carbon sequestration and water yields

Dr Marta Yebra is using remote sensing to assess the trade-off between carbon sequestration and water yields for alternative land use options in Australia.

Dr Darren Baldwin: aquatic biogeochemist

Dr Darren Baldwin investigates how natural and anthropogenic disturbances affect the way energy and nutrients move through aquatic ecosystems.

CSIRO/JCU Tropical Landscapes Joint Venture Seminar Series

CSIRO free public seminars in Townsville, Queensland.

Dr Albert Van Dijk: improving our knowledge of water resources

Dr Van Dijk combines satellite and field data with prediction models to understand and measure our land and water resources.

Land and Water Seminar Series Adelaide

CSIRO Land and Water free public seminars in Adelaide.

Adaptation science: Opportunities and responses to climate change impacts

CSIRO is conducting research to help Australia address the challenges in adapting to climate change by providing the scientific basis to support sound adaptation decisions. (32 pages)

Dr David McJannet: measuring hydrological process to improve process understanding

Dr David McJannet is managing the Australian cosmic-ray soil moisture monitoring network (CosmOz) and is working on projects quantifying water balance and evaporation processes.

Dr Wendy Welsh: leading the Northern Inland Catchments Bioregional Assessment

Dr Wendy Welsh's primary research areas are in groundwater and river system modelling.

CSIRO/JCU Tropical Landscapes Joint Venture Seminar Series

CSIRO free public seminars in Townsville, Queensland.

Exploiting provenance

This project exposes the methodological and scientific knowledge embedded in computer records to explain the reliability and the repeatability of scientific results.

Dr Darla Hatton MacDonald: natural resource economist

Through the application of economic principles, Dr Darla Hatton McDonald's research on the value of natural resources aids decision-making by establishing a link between human preferences, human behaviour and the bio-physical or built environments.

Mr Matthew Stenson: leading the transfer of operational national water resource modelling systems

Mr Matthew Stenson's primary research areas include groundwater-surface water interactions, environmental information systems and implementation of continental scale hydrologic modelling systems.

Dr Kirill Gerke: applying pore-scale modelling approaches to determine aquifer and soil hydraulic properties

Dr Kirill Gerke is researching applications of pore-scale modelling approaches for characterisation of rock and soil structure and hydraulic properties for use in models of flow and transport in groundwater and vadose zones.

Dr Donavan Marney: improving efficiencies within Australia's urban water networks

Dr Donavan Marney's research effort is aimed at improving efficiencies within Australia's urban water networks through improved utilisation of emerging sensor network technologies.

Dr Sreekanth Janardhanan - Groundwater Modeller

Dr Sreekanth Janardhanan specialises in water resource system modelling, computer simulation and developing regional groundwater flow models for coal seam gas impact risk assessments.

Dr Matthias Raiber: Research Scientist

Dr Matthias Raiber specialises in the integration of geological, hydrogeological and hydrochemical information to improve understanding of the links between geological and hydrogeological processes.

Dr Peter Dillon: researching water quality and recycled water

Dr Peter Dillon is leading research in sustainable systems for urban water supplies.

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