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Ocean Tracks–dive in!

Dive with sharks and fish in lifelike animations and follow their paths using interactive maps based on CSIRO’s marine-tagging research.

Indian Ocean 'workhorse' sows seeds for Australian ocean and climate data

A 20-metre South African yacht chartered by CSIRO has completed an epic voyage around the Indian Ocean deploying 55 ocean profiling robots that are securing valuable ocean and climate data for Australian science.

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Wealth from Oceans media releases

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Wealth from Oceans Cluster Specification 2011

Download the National Research Flagship Collaboration Fund Flagship Cluster Specification for the Wealth from Oceans Flagship. (2 pages)

Waves: their role in ocean ecosystems

Scientists are researching the role of waves in ecosystem processes in the coastal waters of Western Australia. Understanding these processes has economic, social and environmental benefits and is vital to the effective management of coastal waters.

Wealth from Oceans Flagship video

In this video, discover how the Wealth from Oceans Flagship is helping Australia secure its social, economic and environmental future through knowing our oceans.

Sharks and Rays of Australia

This highly regarded book provides in-depth descriptions of 322 species of sharks, rays and chimaerids, accompanied by full-colour illustrations, descriptions, line illustrations and distribution maps.

Using statistics to predict seabed fauna

Wealth from Oceans Flagship environmental statisticians are working to predict the type and distribution of marine seabed fauna on Australia's continental slope.

Seeing under the ocean with robotic Argo floats

See how a world-wide array of robotic floats is providing scientists with data about the ocean and helping them to understand the ocean’s role in climate, and to better forecast climate and ocean conditions. CSIRO is providing a valuable contribution to this project. (2:00)

An overview of the Wells And Subsea Technologies Group program

The Wells and Subsea Technologies program is working towards creating smart wells and ways to dispense with traditional platforms

Dr Nic Bax: expert in marine resource management

Dr Nic Bax is applying his expertise in marine resource management to help understand, manage and conserve our oceans’ biodiversity.

Locating hydrocarbon resource deposits using nanosensors

The Wealth from Oceans Flagship research into nanosensors that can detect and differentiate hydrocarbons in marine environments may lead to the discovery of previously untapped oil and gas deposits.

Locating hydrocarbon resources using nanochemical sensors

Sensing technologies for hydrocarbons and their potential use as exploration devices is being delivered through the CSIRO Wealth from Oceans National Research Flagship (2 pages).

Mapping life on the ocean floor off Western Australia

CSIRO's Wealth from Oceans Flagship is exploring the ocean floor around Australia to provide valuable information about marine habitats and how they can be managed sustainably.

Sounding out life in the ocean

Commercial fishers are helping marine scientists to map and monitor food supplies available to top order predators in the oceans around Australia.

Dr Bill de la Mare: researching regional marine development and growth

Dr Bill de la Mare is researching regional marine development and growth, enabling Australia to remain a marine nation long into the future.

Australian offshore mineral locations map

This map shows the location of Australia’s offshore mineral deposits.

Dr Andy Steven: Theme Leader, Our Resilient Coastal Australia

Dr Andy Steven is combining his international experience in marine and fresh water to help Australians wisely use and manage our precious coastal regions.

Dr Andreas Schiller: researching our changing oceans

Dr Andreas Schiller applies his extensive experience in large-scale ocean physics and modelling, to help deliver benefits to Australia’s climate-sensitive industries and safeguard the environment.

Nine new species for disappearing handfish family

Nine new species of handfish have been described by CSIRO in research that highlights an urgent need to better understand and protect the diversity of life in Australia’s oceans.

Scientists offer new take on selective fishing

A new, less selective approach to commercial fishing is needed to ensure the ongoing productivity of marine ecosystems and to maintain biodiversity, according to a paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.

Warming Indian Ocean – impacts to be discussed

The impacts of a warming Indian Ocean on Western Australia’s climate, environment and fisheries will be discussed today in Perth by scientists at a Western Australian Marine Science Institution (WAMSI) symposium.

Anglers urged to share tales of longtail tuna

Coastal anglers are being encouraged to help ensure the long-term sustainability of Australia’s newest ‘recreational only’ species, the longtail tuna, by reporting catches using a new online system.

World interest in Australian fishery impact test

An Australian method for assessing the environmental impact of marine fisheries has caught the eye of fishery management agencies worldwide.

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