A wave peaking in mid-ocean.

There is wealth beneath the waves.

Wealth from Oceans Flagship: knowing our oceans, securing our future

CSIRO's Wealth from Oceans Flagship aims to provide Australians with enduring social, environmental and economic wealth from our vast ocean territory.

  • 7 November 2007 | Updated 21 November 2013

Integrated research for maximum benefit

As scientific leaders in understanding ocean systems, processes and technologies, the Flagship focuses on national challenges where oceans play a central role.

Instead of looking at individual sectors, species or habitats, the Flagship takes a whole-of-system approach that recognises the world’s many borders share just one ocean.

Our research concentrates on triple-bottom-line delivery and integrates:

  • innovative ocean modelling and observing technologies
  • understanding of the role of oceans in climate change and variability
  • marine biodiversity assessment and conservation
  • sustainable fisheries and ecosystems
  • offshore energy and mineral resource exploration and production
  • multiple-use management for marine and coastal ecosystems.

The Flagship is also investing in marine industries and applications where our intervention will significantly increase Australia's global competitiveness. This includes seabed research and smart technology development.

Partnering for impact

The Wealth from Oceans Flagship draws on the skills of scientists from many different disciplines and collaborates with a range of organisations including:

  • state and federal governments and departments
    The Wealth from Oceans Flagship partners with 19 universities through CSIRO's Flagship Collaboration Fund.
  • research agencies and universities
  • industry groups
  • corporations and small and medium enterprises (SMEs)
  • non-government organisations (NGOs)
  • regional, national and international networks and working groups.

We partner with 19 universities through CSIRO's Flagship Collaboration Fund to tackle key research challenges, such as:

  • enabling integrated management of Ningaloo Reef
  • designing subsea pipelines to unlock stranded gas reserves
  • developing novel marine sensors and sensor networks
  • overcoming social and governance barriers to the adoption of science-based solutions in coastal management.

National benefits

Since its launch in Augst 2004, the Flagship has delivered science and technology that benefits Australia and our region.

For example, the BLUElink ocean forecast system we developed with our partners, the Bureau of Meteorology and the Royal Australian Navy, provides the first six-day forecast of sea temperature, salinity and currents for the Australian ocean region.

This capability offers substantial benefits to all marine users, including:

  • defence forces
  • tourism
  • shipping
  • oil and gas
  • fishing
  • search and rescue
  • the public.

In addition, the United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization recently identified the Northern Prawn Fishery – whose harvest strategy is underpinned by Flagship science – as a global model for sustainable fisheries management. CSIRO has partnered with Government and industry for over 45 years to achieve this standard.

Technology for the high seas

With access to high-performance computing, advanced robotics and links to international remote sensing programs, we continue to push the boundaries of ocean-based research.

In doing this, we are discovering new ways to deliver benefits to the economy, while ensuring that community expectations regarding the sustainable management of oceans are met.

Research areas

The Wealth from Oceans Flagship research is focused on three main areas:

The dynamic ocean: building foundations for climate, national security and sustainable marine industries

The Wealth from Oceans Flagship is creating and exploiting knowledge of ocean variability and change to deliver social, environmental and economic wealth to Australia.

Our resilient coastal Australia

The Wealth from Oceans Flagship is providing Australia's governments, industries and communities with the scientific knowledge, tools and approaches to make wise decisions about our uses of coastal environments.

Sustainable ocean ecosystems and living resources

The Wealth from Oceans Flagship is delivering science and technology to help sustain life in Australia's ocean realm.

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