Research scope

Some examples of the scope of CSIRO's research in materials and manufacturing:

Agile Manufacturing Technologies

We develop advanced agile technologies which leverage digital and information sciences to lift manufacturing productivity and competitiveness.

Sustainable High Performance Materials

We develop sustainable, eco-efficient technologies for production of high performance materials which meet a range of industrial and consumer needs.

Manufacturing Technologies for Transport & Mining

We produce technologies for sustainable transport, intelligent processes for efficient manufacturing, high-performance lightweight materials, and detectors and sensing systems.

Titanium Technologies

The Future Manufacturing Flagship is taking titanium technologies from ore to more, building on Australia's world ranking reserves of ore, with our portfolio of advanced metal production and fabrication technologies.

Flexible Electronics

We develop new materials and manufacturing processes for the Organic and Large Area Electronics industry (OLAE).
Our fully-integrated facilities provide end-to-end capability, allowing us to design new materials, test them in devices and produce prototypes and demonstrators for clients and partners.


Frontier science and technology.

Superconducting devices and systems

CSIRO develops novel instrumentation based on Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices (SQUIDs) and works in the frontier science of quantum engineering.

Fibre Science Research Program

We conduct basic and applied research to promote profitable and sustainable fibre and fibrous structure industries, develop new products and improve production and processing efficiencies.

Surfaces and Nanosciences

Our work discovers materials at the intersection between the molecular- and nano-scale.