Scientists working at physical containment level four (PC4), the highest level available.

Safeguarding Australia

Providing an integrated approach to Australia's national biosecurity combining world-leading scientific expertise with cutting-edge diagnostic, surveillance and response capabilities.

Biological control of bitou bush with the leaf-rolling moth

This two-page brochure discusses integrated management of bitou bush using biological control agents in conjunction with conventional methods.

Chemical testing helps woolgrowers meet tougher eco rules

All textile producers and processors must meet tough new standards if they want to do business in Europe. CSIRO’s internationally accredited chemical testing service is assisting the wool industry comply with Europe’s Eco-label requirements.

Finding the jewels in crown rot research

This article from Farming Ahead discusses how the discovery of wheat and barley lines resistant to crown rot could, with further research, make losses from this disease a thing of the past. (3 pages)

Dr Cameron Stewart: studying the host-virus interaction to provide new anti-viral strategies

Dr Stewart is part of a research team at the Australian Animal Health Laboratory that is developing innovative and novel approaches to fight highly pathogenic viruses such as Hendra virus.

Dr Sarina Macfadyen: Ecology of insect communities in grains cropping landscapes

Dr Sarina Macfadyen’s research examines the interactions between species and how this relates to agroecosystem function, focussing on insect pests in grain cropping landscapes.

Invasive species in the rangelands and savannas

Invasive plants and animals (including invertebrates) are now the second biggest threat to national biodiversity after habitat loss

Justin Leonard: Leading bushfire impact and vulnerability research

Justin Leonard’s research interests are in bushfire mechanism interaction with infrastructure and the context of bushfire losses including community behaviour and fire fighter safety.

New flowsheet brings battery recycling a step closer

The recovery and purification of cobalt and lithium from spent batteries could be a step closer through the use of new solvent extraction (SX) processes.

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