Scientists working at physical containment level four (PC4), the highest level available.

Safeguarding Australia

Providing an integrated approach to Australia's national biosecurity combining world-leading scientific expertise with cutting-edge diagnostic, surveillance and response capabilities.

Capturing the ecosystem service of pest control from native vegetation: the bush working for you

Scientists are researching the role of native vegetation as a means of improved pest management strategies for agricultural systems. (2 pages)

Noogoora burr throws researchers a curve ball

What do you do when a weed fights back? Noogoora burr in Australia’s tropical north has done just that but CSIRO scientists aren’t letting it get away with it.

NIPI News: January 2009

Find out about the work being done by the National Invertebrate Pest Initiative (NIPI) in this issue of its newsletter. (9 pages)

Invasive species in the rangelands and savannas

Invasive plants and animals (including invertebrates) are now the second biggest threat to national biodiversity after habitat loss

Justin Leonard: Leading bushfire impact and vulnerability research

Justin Leonard’s research interests are in bushfire mechanism interaction with infrastructure and the context of bushfire losses including community behaviour and fire fighter safety.

Mesquite biocontrol with the leaf-tier, Evippe sp. #1

This fact sheet describes research on Evippe sp. #1, a leaf tying-moth from Argentina that was released in Australia as a biological control on the introduced invasive weeds species mesquite.

New flowsheet brings battery recycling a step closer

The recovery and purification of cobalt and lithium from spent batteries could be a step closer through the use of new solvent extraction (SX) processes.

Wild radish impacts on crop production in southern Australia

Wild radish has a major economic impact on crop production in southern Australia, with herbicide expenditure alone on this weed exceeding A$40 million annually and herbicide resistance an increasing problem.

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