Spinifex plain near Paraburdoo in the Pilbara, WA. Image by S. Dowling

Spinifex plain near Paraburdoo in the Pilbara, WA. (Image by S Dowling)

Pilbara Water Resource Assessment

CSIRO, the Government of Western Australia and BHP Billiton are partners on a comprehensive scientific assessment of long-term water availability in the Pilbara region, to guide responsible resource management into the future.

  • 26 November 2012 | Updated 11 November 2013


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The Pilbara region of north Western Australia is known for its vast mineral deposits, predominately iron ore as well as petroleum and natural gas.

As one of Australia’s most productive mining regions, the scale of mining ventures in the Pilbara has grown with the recent mining boom, bringing significant wealth to Western Australia.

New challenges have surfaced with this growth in extractive industries, particularly responsible water management to ensure this precious resource is efficiently and equitably managed now and into the future.

The Pilbara Water Resource Assessment commenced in 2012 in response to these challenges, and will provide an overview of the effect of future climates and proposed developments on the region’s surface and groundwater resources.

The Assessment is funded by the Western Australian Government, BHP Billiton and CSIRO.

CSIRO has undertaken comprehensive resource assessments of other key water assets across the nation, including the Murray–Darling Basin, Great Artesian Basin, Northern Australia, Tasmania and south-west Western Australia.