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CSIRO’s North Ryde site is part of a growing research hub.

Sydney: North Ryde, NSW (CSIRO North Ryde)

CSIRO's North Ryde site, in the heart of Sydney's hi-tech hub and near Macquarie University, provides the perfect environment for collaborative research.

  • 16 March 2006 | Updated 19 January 2013

Location summary

North Ryde, a suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, is approximately 15 km north-west of the CBD and CSIRO’s North Ryde site provides the perfect environment for collaborative research and skills sharing.

More than 500 staff members work at North Ryde on projects designed to benefit the community and industry, including:

  • mining
  • minerals
  • manufacturing
  • petroleum
  • health
  • food
  • service industries
  • sustainability
  • water
  • oceans.

Several CSIRO corporate groups are also located at North Ryde, including Business Development.

Location activities

Our research at North Ryde includes:

  • improving manufacture and infrastructure technology, through research into:
    • fire safety engineering and fire testing
      More than 500 staff members work at North Ryde on projects designed to benefit the community and industry.
    • urban water management
    • concrete structure technologies
    • façade engineering
  • mathematical and statistical research, including:
    • developing methods and software for automated analysis of digital images
    • risk modelling tools for finance and insurance
    • health services decision support and bioinformatics
    • data visualisation
  • mining and minerals research, including:
    • hyperspectral imaging including core logging
    • electromagnetic modelling
  • enhancing food processing systems, including:
    • plant ingredients and functionality
    • innovative packaging and supply chain solutions
    • food microbiology
  • developing molecular and health technologies, including:
    • molecular biology, including advanced PCR technologies and viral delivery techniques
    • cellular biology, including biomaterials and biocompatibility testing
    • cancer diagnosis and therapeutics
  • managing our petroleum resources.

We also supply services, such as:

  • toxicology services
  • food processing pilot plants
  • microbiological analysis of foods.

North Ryde is the site of many National Research Flagship projects, including:

  • colo-rectal cancer diagnosis
  • ocean system prediction and responses
  • oceans based industry development and growth
  • innovative food processing
  • urban water landscapes.

The North Ryde site is also home to CSIRO’s Science Education Centre. The Centre is the hub for CSIRO’s science education programs in New South Wales, and the Lab on Legs program that takes exciting science shows and workshops to schools around New South Wales.


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