Portrait of Sir Fredrick McMaster, benefactor to Australian science.

Sir Fredrick McMaster, (1873-1954) was a prominent Australian grazier.

Sir Frederick McMaster Fellowships

The Sir Frederick McMaster Bequest Trust Fund provides support to selected distinguished overseas scientists to work for a period in CSIRO to further strategic research in veterinary science or agriculture.

  • 11 February 2009 | Updated 2 March 2012


Sir Frederick McMaster (1873–1954) was a prominent grazier whose property Dalkeith was located at Cassilis, in New South Wales, Australia.

During his life, Sir Frederick was a generous benefactor of CSIRO, and in his will he bequeathed a substantial proportion of the shares in his pastoral company, F McMaster Pty Ltd, to CSIRO. 

With the proceeds from the sale of these shares CSIRO created the Sir Frederick McMaster Bequest Trust Fund to support distinguished overseas scientists selected to work for a period in CSIRO in furthering research in veterinary science or agriculture.

Nominations for Fellowships

McMaster Fellowships are awarded to distinguished overseas scientists and are only tenable in Australia in a CSIRO Division.

Nominations for Fellowships can only made by the Chief of the host CSIRO Division, or a Flagship Director with the support of the host Division, and are awarded in strategically important research areas.

Two types of Fellowships are available:

  • Research Fellowships
  • Visiting Fellowships.

Research Fellowships

A research Fellow will have expertise that can contribute significantly to CSIRO’s research in a designated high priority area.

The Fellowship is usually three to 12 months in duration where a Fellow is actively involved in a CSIRO research project.

Visiting Fellowships

A visiting Fellow should be a leader in a research discipline, or experienced in directing research or developing research policy at an institutional, national or international level.

During the two to 12 weeks available under the Visiting Fellowship, the Fellow will undertake one of the following:

  • review and make recommendations on a specific area of research
  • undertake a program of public lectures and high level discussions on research policy management
  • activities as approved by the selection committee.

Fellows are also required to:

  • visit relevant CSIRO Divisions
  • present seminars to scientific societies 
  • address industry groups
  • submit a report to the selection committee at the end of their Fellowship.

Detailed instructions for Fellowship nominations are contained in the McMaster Fellowship Guidelines

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