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  • 31 October 2007 | Updated 20 February 2015

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Science by Email is a free weekly email newsletter featuring science news and activities.

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Science by Email contains:

  • the latest science news
  • fun activities and experiments
  • a quiz
  • the best science websites
  • occasional competitions
  • upcoming events.

"Fabulous – very practical activities, easy to set up and do."

Discover science through experiments and activities you can try at home or at school. The activities:

  • use easy-to-find, everyday materials
  • explain science in everyday language
  • are tested, so you can be sure they work.

Science by Email is a sister publication of Maths and Stats by Email.

Science by Email is produced by CSIRO in partnership with The Lloyd's Register Foundation [external link].

Lloyd’s Register Foundation invests in science, engineering and technology for public benefit, worldwide.