Scientriffic issue 94 featuring landing on a comet

Philae attempting to land on a comet

Scientriffic: a science magazine for kids

Scientriffic is a great introduction to science for primary aged kids

  • 4 January 2012 | Updated 5 November 2014
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Scientriffic is vibrantly designed to appeal to younger readers, Scientriffic introduces fundamental science concepts in a fun way that encourages kids to be inquisitive about the world around them.

Every issue includes interesting feature articles, real life stories, hands-on activities and heaps of giveaways.

Take a look at a sample article from the magazine:

Sample article from Scientriffic magazine

Scientriffic is a kids science magazine by CSIRO's Double Helix. Take a look at a sample article all about electric vehicles!

Scientriffic is extremely popular with lower to middle primary students (seven years old and above), and is an excellent introduction to science.

Older readers may wish to move on to The Helix: a science magazine for ages 10+.