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You're getting warmer: State of the Climate 2012 (Podcast 30 Mar 2012)

Australia's land and oceans have continued to warm in response to rising CO2 emissions from the burning of fossil fuels. (11:10)

Pass the genes for the Yellow Box please (Podcast 19 Mar 2012)

CSIRO in collaboration with Greening Australia are working in a project to assess the genetic diversity of the iconic eucalyptus Yellow Box across the country in order to improve its restoration. (6:22)

Giant water wall discovered riding the ocean currents (Podcast 14 Mar 2012)

Deep-diving ocean 'gliders' have revealed a 200-metre tall, 40 kilometre wide wall of undiluted Bass Strait water travelling hundreds of kilometres to the Indian Ocean.

The planet's under pressure (Podcast 07 Mar 2012)

In the lead up to the 2012 United Nations (UN) Conference on Sustainable Development - Rio+20, a contingent of CSIRO scientists will join international colleagues at the London Planet Under Pressure conference to discuss the risks humanity is facing from global change. (10:54)

Fingerprints of climate change found on ocean currents (Podcast 21 Feb 2012)

Oceanographers have identified a series of ocean hotspots around the world generated by strengthening wind systems that have driven oceanic currents, including the East Australian Current, polewards beyond their known boundaries. (8:56)

A sheep in sheep's clothing (Podcast 14 Feb 2012)

An international research team has provided an unprecedented in-depth view of the genetic history of sheep, one of the world's most important livestock species. (6:32)

Food fight: Scientists vs. Climate change (Podcast 10 Feb 2012)

A major transformation in the food system is required if we are to address future threats to food security says CSIRO Chief Executive Dr Megan Clark. (9:41)

The buzz around the fly named after Beyoncé (Podcast 06 Feb 2012)

A previously un-named species of horse fly whose appearance is dominated by its glamorous golden lower abdomen has been named in honour of American pop diva, Beyoncé. (5:15)

Scientists set sail south in search of climate evidence (Podcast 05 Jan 2012)

A team of CSIRO scientists are embarking on a month-long research voyage to the Antarctic to investigate the impact of climate change on the Southern Ocean. (8:36)

Fewer cyclones but they'll hit harder (Podcast 21 Dec 2011)

In the future fewer tropical cyclones may form off Western Australia but they may become more intense, shows new research from a Western Australian climate research collaboration.

Climate change is hot on the tail of fish (Podcast 12 Dec 2011)

Marine life may need to relocate faster than land species as a result of climate warming, according to new research published in 'Science'. (7:49)

Global Carbon Project: warning to the world (Podcast 05 Dec 2011)

Global carbon dioxide emissions increased by a record 5.9 per cent in 2010 following the dampening effect of the 2008–2009 Global Financial Crisis (GFC), according to scientists working with the Global Carbon Project. (9:00)

Helping the food industry shake the salt habit (Podcast 25 Nov 2011)

Reformulating processed foods to reduce salt, sugar and saturated fat or to increase fruit, vegetable and fibre content offers the food industry many opportunities. (6:38)

Finance industry counts on CSIRO (Podcast 18 Nov 2011)

In an unpredictable global financial system, CSIRO's skills are increasingly sought after as leading financial institutions look to surpass the performance of their peers. (7:55)

Making new food chain friends (Podcast 11 Nov 2011)

Techniques developed to study human social relationships can be used to analyse feeding relationships in nature, Australian and US researchers have shown. (6:39)

CSIRO counts down to Mars Tweetup (Podcast 07 Nov 2011)

From launch to landing and beyond, CSIRO's Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex will be a vital link in the communications gateway for NASA's latest mission to Mars, and for followers on Twitter. (10:38)

Going viral: CSIRO vs Contagion (Podcast 28 Oct 2011)

A reference to research undertaken by CSIRO's 'bat pack' team in Hollywood's latest disaster flick Contagion highlights the role CSIRO's Australian Animal Health Laboratory (AAHL) would play in a real-world version of the pandemic. (11:12)

Global photosynthesis faster than earlier thought (Podcast 18 Oct 2011)

Scientists have re-assessed the speed at which photosynthesis occurs in a study that will assist them measure the efficiency of the world's plant life and more accurately assess future climate change. (6:17)

Fuelling the rise and rise of the Asia Pacific (Podcast 14 Oct 2011)

To prosper over the remainder of the 21st Century, the countries of the Asia Pacific need a new 'green' industrial revolution to drive dramatic improvements in resource efficiency. (10:39)

Climate change blowin' in the wind (Podcast 30 Sep 2011)

With billions of energy investment dollars being exposed to the vagaries of climate, including those committed to or planned for renewable energy generation in this country, a new branch of science is moving to maximise the energy that will drive the wind or ocean turbines, light up the solar farms or improve weather-exposed oil and gas generation. (7:52)

A forest of problems (Podcast 23 Sep 2011)

New research shows the yearly amount of carbon being absorbed from the atmosphere by the world's established forests is equivalent to one third of current annual fossil fuel emissions. (9:23)

Running on empty: universe short on gas (Podcast 16 Sep 2011)

The Universe forms fewer stars than it used to, and a CSIRO study has now shown why - the galaxies are running out of gas. (9:02)

Turning the tide on reef water quality (Podcast 09 Sep 2011)

Evidence of coastal ecosystem degradation in the Great Barrier Reef has been linked with increased land-based runoff of suspended solids, nutrients and pesticides resulting from clearing and agricultural land use. (10:44)

New wheat winning war against weeds (Podcast 05 Sep 2011)

In seeking to improve water productivity in wheat, a CSIRO Plant Industry team has developed wheat lines that are proving surprisingly good at suppressing weeds. (10:41)

The burning issue of wood heater pollution (Podcast 24 Aug 2011)

Emissions from domestic wood-fired heaters in southern Tasmania's Huon Valley dwarf emissions from forest regeneration burns, according to a new CSIRO study. (7:35)

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