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Computer games offering a healthy escape (Podcast 12 Aug 2010)

New computer game software developed by CSIRO is allowing game players to get more physically involved with their game of choice. (6:04)

Betting on the farm to feed the planet (Podcast 04 Aug 2010)

Australia agricultural feeds 60 million people globally, but maintaining this level of production against a backdrop of increasing population, climate change impacts, land degradation and the finite supply of productive soils, is proving to be a major challenge. (6:58)

The new, obscure and all but extinct rodents of Timor (Podcast 26 Jul 2010)

Archaeological research in East Timor has unearthed the bones of the biggest rat that ever lived, with a body weight around 6 kg. (6:57)

Lose weight online with CSIRO (Podcast 19 Jul 2010)

Australians who are serious about losing weight are being asked to help CSIRO develop a web-based diet management program. (6:14)

The nature of money: how to save more biodiversity (Podcast 12 Jul 2010)

A rethink on protected land and water areas could ultimately save much more biodiversity for the same amount of money, according to a new paper in the scientific journal Nature. (6:06)

Learning the facts of lice (Podcast 06 Jul 2010)

A multi-institutional team has recently sequenced the body louse genome, an achievement that will yield new insights into louse – and human – biology and evolution. (6:21)

Seeing the wood for the trees (Podcast 02 Jul 2010)

Plantation-grown trees in Australia provide us with construction timber, wooden furniture and paper products, but they also play a crucial carbon sink role, by absorbing about 10 per cent of the national green house gas emissions every year and locking it away. (5:11)

Black Tiger prawns deliver more bite (Podcast 28 Jun 2010)

From seafood platter to barbecue, this tasty new Black Tiger prawn is set to sizzle. (6:10)

Plant stem strength: being strong without muscles (Podcast 25 Jun 2010)

Tree strength and stiffness are important properties for breeding plantation trees such as Eucalyptus, as they determine their capacity to make better timber products. (5:52)

Gazing into the future world (part one) (Podcast 23 Jun 2010)

A new report from CSIRO has identified five global megatrends and eight megashocks that are changing the world. (7:39)

Gazing into the future world (part two) (Podcast 23 Jun 2010)

A new report from CSIRO has identified five global megatrends and eight megashocks that are changing the world. (5:51)

What price for Aboriginal food resources? (Podcast 18 Jun 2010)

A CSIRO partnership with northern Queensland’s Kowanyama Aboriginal people is helping to give voice to the value of rivers and wild food resources on Cape York. (6:19)

The clever country: boosting innovation in Australia's minerals industry (Podcast 16 Jun 2010)

Around A$80 million a year is spent on research and development to boost innovation in Australia’s minerals industry, making it one of the largest minerals research efforts in the world says CSIRO Chief Executive Dr Megan Clark. (8:00)

CSIRO’s supercomputer puts science in the game (Podcast 10 Jun 2010)

Housed in a data centre in Canberra's outer suburbs, CSIRO’s GPU cluster is one of the world’s fastest computers and the first NVIDIA CUDA Research Centre in the southern hemisphere. (5:06)

Native orchids on the road to recovery (Podcast 03 Jun 2010)

Scientists at the Centre for Plant Biodiversity Research (CPBR) in Canberra have spent the last four years researching the natural history of three rare and endangered orchids on Alum Mountain, Bulahdelah NSW. (6:00)

Six telescope hook-up delivers stunning image of Centaurus A (Podcast 26 May 2010)

To demonstrate the possibilities of an Australian hosted international Square Kilometre Array Telescope, six radio telescopes across Australia and New Zealand have for the first time linked up to act as one giant telescope. (6:08)

Bringing home the benefits of smart metering (Podcast 24 May 2010)

A new web-based smart metering system has been developed by CSIRO to enable householders, small businesses and electricity retailers to remotely manage energy use over a broadband Internet connection. (4:56)

Are handfish walking towards extinction? (Podcast 21 May 2010)

Nine new species of handfish have been described by CSIRO in research that highlights an urgent need to better understand and protect the diversity of life in Australia’s oceans. (5:33)

Coastal decision makers get the right advice (Podcast 14 May 2010)

A new collaboration aimed at translating science into practical applications for adapting to climate change, population growth and other coastal pressures will help decision makers better manage the Australian coast into the future. (4:33)

CSIRO steps up fight against Foot and Mouth Disease (Podcast 12 May 2010)

Australia has been free from Foot and Mouth Disease since 1872, but with recent reports of outbreaks in Japan and South Korea, CSIRO scientists are taking the fight off shore with a new research project in South-East Asia. (4:21)

Listening to nature’s voice (Podcast 07 May 2010)

New CSIRO technology is allowing scientists to listen to wildlife in Australia’s remote northern tropical savannas without leaving the laboratory. (5:57)

Aspirin: a health answer for the elderly? (Podcast 03 May 2010)

A new trial to determine if Aspirin is effective in delaying the onset of a range of chronic disorders in otherwise healthy ageing volunteers is being conducted jointly in Australia and the US. (5:55)

Time to shine for CSIRO’s new solar thermal field (Podcast 28 Apr 2010)

A new solar thermal field being developed by CSIRO is set to pave the way for solar fields of the future – solar fields that only require the sun and air to create electricity. (5:07)

Please wipe your carbon footprint at the door (Podcast 28 Apr 2010)

CSIRO is working with a consortium of industry and government partners to design, build and monitor a zero emission house that is specific for the Australian climate and lifestyle and which may contribute to national and international efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the housing sector. (4:55)

Biomass based aviation fuel is no pie in the sky (Podcast 23 Apr 2010)

The CSIRO together with Australasia’s major aviation players is leading a study to help plan a sustainable future for aviation fuels and reduce the sector’s greenhouse gas emissions. (5:30)

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