Personnel in the Parkes Control Room in 1969. L-R (rear) George Kroup William Reytar. L-R (front)  Robert Taylor (NASA Operations Manager), Wilson Hunter (NASA Representative in Australia), John Bolton (Director Parkes Observatory)

Personnel in the Parkes Control Room in 1969.

Live from the moon: the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11

In Australia, July 21 2009, marks the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, so in this special edition podcast we'll revisit CSIRO's involvement in delivering those famous images of Neil Armstrong's 'one small step for (a) man' to the world. (13:26)

  • 17 July 2009 | Updated 23 November 2011

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Such was the significance of the event that those who watched it on TV can no doubt remember exactly where they were at the time, whether that be in the classroom, at work, home or watching on a department store television.

But what the majority of the 600 million people audience didn't realise was the crucial role of CSIRO's Parkes radio telescope was playing in receiving the television signals from the moon and relaying them for broadcast.

In this podcast we talk to former CSIRO staffer Neil 'Fox' Mason, who was on duty at the Parkes radio telescope on the day of the landing, and also gain an insight into events that led up to humans first walking on the moon.

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