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CSIRO working with industry

Working hand in hand with industry

Transforming research into real world results calls for a collaborative approach. We strongly believe that we, as a research organisation, are more effective when we build partnerships and engage with industry to generate impact.

  • 8 February 2013 | Updated 6 February 2014

Working together

We’ve been working closely with both large and small companies for decades. In refining how we work with industry we have become a trusted R&D partner for many current and aspiring industry leaders in Australia. For example:

  • Last year we worked with over 1 500 Australian industry partners.
  • Our clients include big Australian and small to medium enterprises.
  • We also worked with over 350 multi-national corporations.

"We could not have dreamt of having a better partner than CSIRO"

Marius Kloppers CEO, BHP Billiton

Engagement with industry: the ‘I’ in CSIRO

The work we do with industry contributes to:

  • the development of new, high growth enterprises and industries
  • providing a competitive advantage to established Australian companies
  • securing knowledge, partnerships and investments for Australia.

We work with many organisations in technology-intensive sectors such as manufacturing, resources, food, health and life science industries.

Achieving positive impact

Our ability to achieve results is backed by the quality of our research. We are in the top 1 per cent of global research institutions in 14 of 22 research fields and in the top 0.1 per cent in four research fields.

Collectively, our innovation and excellence places us in the top ten applied research agencies in the world.

Sharing intellectual property

We’ve been pushing the boundaries of science for over 85 years. It’s what we do. As a result, we have developed the largest single IP and patent portfolio in the Australian innovation system.

Shaping future collaboration

We’re proud that we are an research and development (R&D) partner of choice for many Australians and multi-national companies. But we want to achieve more and increase our impact.

Some ways we plan to make this a reality are by:

  • increasing collaboration through national research flagships
  • supporting and catalysing innovation precincts.
  • acting as a global connector and take Australian innovation to the global stage.

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