Our case studies

Finding a niche in crazy ant control

Small business Yolngu Business Enterprises has been tasked to control destructive ant infestations for their blue chip client Rio Tinto Alcan, having developed the new service after working with CSIRO.

Sensing the future of health care

Local medical device manufacturer, Universal Biosensors, is working with CSIRO to add value to its products in order to increase exports.

Science is golden for this explorer

Small exploration company, Alkane Resources, worked with CSIRO through the Researchers in Business program to learn more about their key gold prospect. As a result, the company has been able to progress their exploration program with more confidence.

Securing the future of Australian oil refining

Southern Oil Refining is driven to enter new markets to stay ahead of international competition. Together with CSIRO, they have developed a new process to improve their products, with industrial-scale trials planned for 2014.

Coral sunscreen could open international doors for Larissa Bright Australia

Larissa Bright partnered with CSIRO to create the world's first sunscreen mimicking the natural sun protection of Australia's Great Barrier Reef coral. The company has plans to take this innovation to the rest of the world.

A new pulse for healthy heart materials

A project with Admedus Ltd has enabled the company to investigate additional applications for its new product CardioCel®, with promising results.

Spreading value across the agricultural market

As the leading supplier of fertiliser spreaders in Australia, small to medium sized business (SME) Roesner Pty Ltd, knows a thing or two about innovation. The company recently partnered with CSIRO to develop a computer modelling tool that is set to add significant value to their business.

Direct Nickel sets sights on a A$30 Billion industry

Since working with CSIRO, Direct Nickel has overcome a technical challenge related to its nickel laterite process and set sights on the A$30 billion per year nickel industry.

Marenica tackles mining challenge to secure future

Australian SME Marenica Energy has engaged CSIRO for new research that, if successful, could turn the company’s sole asset in Namibia into a profitable mining operation.

Mobile technology set to improve care for the chronically ill

A growing Australian business, Precedence Health Care, is transforming the care of chronically ill people using advanced information technologies. The company is working with CSIRO to develop a new mobile application that will establish it in the collaborative health space.

Australian SME sees big potential in new technology

Victorian-based food manufacturer, Popina Pty ltd, is working with CSIRO to test a new technology that could grow their business.

Intec Ltd teams with CSIRO on innovation

An opportunity to extract new metals from industrial waste led Sydney-based company, Intec Ltd, to turn to CSIRO for research and development.

Ziltek and CSIRO are cutting through the competition

South Australian company, Ziltek, has teamed up with CSIRO to develop cutting edge technology and achieve big results for Australia’s waste management industry.

Science helps a small business revolutionise its products

Moira Mac’s is revolutionising the ‘cooked meat’ section of supermarkets, as the first company in Australia to use a High Pressure Pasteurisation (HPP) machine for smallgoods processing.

Australian Defence Apparel develops top gear for Australian troops

Research and development has enabled Victorian SME, Australian Defence Apparel (ADA), to develop higher performing protective clothing for armed forces across Australia and the globe.

Australian SME uses science to gain insight

SRL Plasma used a Researchers in Business grant to learn more about the potential of its technology.

Victorian textile company a step ahead of the rest

Despite the decline of the Australian textiles industry, family-owned business Textor Technologies is thriving.

Working with Botanical Resources Australia

BRA is a growing Tasmanian company, which now produce more than half of the world’s pyrethrum – the key ingredient of household products such as fly spray.

Victorian business achieves international success

After working with CSIRO, a Victorian company has increased its business and become the preferred supplier for a major international Aerospace company.

Axxin Australia – Innovation to Impact

Technology company Axxin recently identified an opportunity to build on its existing capability and decided to engage CSIRO through the Researchers in Business program for assistance with research and development.

About us

We are helping Australian SMEs get the most value out of their research and development activities in order to overcome technical challenges and improve their business performance.

We do this by identifying and connecting companies to the right science within CSIRO and the broader research community, while also advising on the most appropriate funding avenues.

The team was awarded at the Australian Business Awards 2013 for contributing to industry through innovative products, technologies and ideas which have resulted in commercial, environmental and/or social benefits.