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Brochures & Fact Sheets

CSIRO produces fact sheets and brochures on a broad range of topics to disseminate information about its science and other activities.

High-Throughput Development of Amphiphile Self-Assembly Materials

The RAMP centre has been utilised extensively since 2010 for the high-throughput development of self-assembled materials.

Navigating sustainability: measurement, evaluation and action

CSIRO have responded to the need to navigate sustainability for the world now and into the future.

Framework and institutional analysis: Indigenous co-management and biodiversity protection in the Wet Tropics

The report provides an Indigenous-driven framework with a view of all the parts that make up co-management. The framework is being used to evaluate the status and trends of Indigenous co-management in the wet tropics.

Engaging Indigenous Communities in World Heritage declarations: processes and practice

Chapter 21 of the Australian Committee for IUCN book 'Keeping the Outstanding Exceptional: the Future of World Heritage in Australia'.

Bringing the community into World Heritage through biocultural diversity—issues and policy implications

Biocultural diversity depends on traditional and local peoples’ management systems.

The science behind RAFT

This presentation clearly explains how CSIRO's innovative RAFT Technology results in better polymers. (11 pages)

Flagship Fellowship application form

Applications for Flagship Visiting Fellowships must be submitted online using this form. (9 pages)

CSIRO and RAFT: an overview

This presentation describes the relationship between CSIRO and the breakthrough RAFT Technology. (11 pages)

Biodiversity Profiling: Components of a continental biodiversity information capability

This study explores key components for developing a national biodiversity monitoring capability.

CAF Working Paper 17: Priority threat management of invasive plant species in the Lake Eyre Basin

This working paper outlines a cost-effectiveness analysis approach to prioritising weed management strategies for maximising biodiversity outcomes per unit cost across the Lake Eyre Basin, Australia.

RAFT: a process for making better polymers for consumer and personal care

This presentation explains in technical detail how CSIRO's RAFT technology can provide benefit to the personal and consumer care industries. (25 pages)

The Walmajarri Seasons Calendar

Indigenous ecological knowledge can tell us much about the ecology of northern Australia. Members of the Walmajarri language group worked with CSIRO staff to document and compile their Indigenous seasonal knowledge into a calendar. (1 page)

Microseismic monitoring

CSIRO is developing microseismic techniques that will improve our understanding of fracture processes. These techniques increase the value of data captured by microseismic monitoring.

Unconventional gas brochure

CSIRO is conducting research that is aiming to support sustainable development of the coal seam gas and shale gas industries.

Microbially enhanced coal seam methane brochure

CSIRO is currently developing a program on microbial enhancement of coal seam methane production, to understand the processes involved and how to apply that knowledge to replenish depleted and unproductive coal seams.

Unconventional gas reservoirs

CSIRO is developing innovative techniques to understand reservoir behaviour for efficient production from coal seam and shale gas reservoirs.

Sand production prediction

Sand production is a serious problem in many petroleum basins worldwide. It costs the oil and gas industry tens of billions of dollars annually. CSIRO has developed capability and unique models to predict sand production and its severity – a key step in tackling sand production problems.

Sand management

Unexpected and uncontrolled sand production results in costly well intervention work and, in some cases, can result in environmental hazards due to the release of hydrocarbons associated with catastrophic wellhead and production equipment failure. CSIRO has developed capability and predictive tools for sand management to address this issue and to minimise or mitigate these hazards in the oil and gas industry.

Sand erosion

CSIRO has developed capability and predictive tools for sand erosion challenges in the oil and gas industry. We assist industry to address their sand erosion issues and seek to predict, minimise or mitigate these hazards.

Downhole robot brochure

CSIRO has developed an autonomous and wireless downhole robot that measures key factors affecting production in petroleum wells.

Handing back the past: a journey to Martu country with old photos

'Handing back the past' is a film that tells the story of CSIRO ethnoecologist, Fiona Walsh, returning to Martu country in remote Western Australia to repatriate old photographs and records.

The Gulumoerrgin (Larrakia) Seasons Calendar

Members of the Gulumoerrgin language group worked with CSIRO staff to document and compile their Indigenous seasonal knowledge into a calendar.

Australia's Marine Ecological Indicators Reports

Research has identified a set of indicators of marine ecosystem health and identified pressures that threaten Australia's marine environment.

Hairpin RNAi a proven technology for trait development in animals

CSIRO’s hairpinRNAi provides the most effective gene silencing technology.

CAF working paper 14 - A social science framework to guide multi-scale research for climate change adaptation strategies in agricultural communities

This working paper outlines the objectives, underpinning concepts and broad approach to guide research into the ability of rice farming households to adapt to climate variability and change in Cambodia, Laos, India and Bangladesh.

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