About Titanium Technologies

Titanium metal production

CSIRO supports the development of an Australian titanium metal production industry through advanced metal production technologies.

Powder to product

CSIRO aims to stimulate an Australian titanium industry with applied research on production of feedstock products including titanium sheet and wire.

Lab22 Additive Manufacturing

CSIRO is leading development in additive manufacturing and machining technologies for premium materials such as titanium.

Forthcoming events

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Additive manufacturing with Arcam electron beam melting

CSIRO has recently established an Arcam additive manufacturing facility, the first in the southern hemisphere, to provide industry with access to advanced electron beam melting technologies for three-dimensional (3D) printing of metals.

Read more about the technology at Arcam.

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Getting more from ore

The Titanium Technologies Theme mission is to develop and commercialise technologies which enable the cost efficient use of titanium metal.

Australia produces more titanium ore than the rest of the world. At current rates of production, we can expect the resource to be depleted in 90 years.

CSIRO is developing technologies to convert ore into metal, and metal into manufactured items, helping Australia to sustain the same export earnings per year and extend use of the resource for up to 9000 years.

The Titanium Theme employs 80 CSIRO research scientists and engineers to develop cutting edge technologies for titanium metal in:

Ore to more
  • metal production
  • powder to product
  • manufacturing.

We also engage with industry partners, from Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to large multinational corporations, through contracted, strategic co-investment as well as consortium arrangements.

Download our 'More from Ore' brochure for further information.