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Consumerism, society and our ecological future: A psychological, empirical approach (07/10/14)

Professor Tim Kasser will review two decades of psychological theory and research on values to show how contemporary culture's focus on materialism and consumerism must be confronted if humans are to create a sustainable future.

2014 Malcolm McIntosh Lecture (09/10/14)

This annual lecture honours the life and legacy of Dr Malcolm McIntosh. This year Professor Iain McCalman presents 'Unfinished Business: Why Science History Matters' at the CSIRO Discovery Centre on Thursday, 9 October from 5pm.

Tsunami Warning Systems since 26 December 2004 (16/10/14)

With the tenth anniversary of the devastating Indian Ocean tsunami this coming December, it is timely to reflect on the progress made by Australia and the international community to safeguard nations from this most destructive and cruel geophysical hazard.

Cutting Edge Symposium: Aspirin and Cancer Prevention (20/10/14)

This symposium, sponsored by the CSIRO and Monash University, looks closely at the scientific evidence for and against aspirin use for the chemoprevention of cancer.

Land and Time: Imminent Change 2 (27/10/14)

Susan Hey returns to the landscape of her 2011 exhibition, exploring Canberra's beautiful Coppins Crossing and how the encroachment of housing and road development has impacted the environment.