Scanning electron microscope image of the reproductive apex of a barley plant (Hordeum vulgare).


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Dr Megan Clark AC appointed to Rio Tinto Board

CSIRO Chief Executive Dr Megan Clark has been appointed a non-executive director of the board of Rio Tinto.

Scientists reveal secrets of insect evolution

Using genetic analysis, scientists have for the first time been able to conclusively establish that insects originated approximately 480 million years ago, and that they developed the ability to fly approximately 80 million years later.

New CSIRO software opens Windows to science

New software which offers scientists and researchers an easy way to analyse, model and visualise scientific datasets has been released by CSIRO.

CSIRO produces 3D heel in world first surgery

CSIRO, St Vincent's Hospital and Victorian biotech company Anatomics have joined together to carry out world-first surgery to implant a titanium-printed heel bone into a Melbourne man.

International technology innovator to lead CSIRO

Chair of the CSIRO Board, Simon McKeon announced today that the new Chief Executive of the CSIRO will be Dr Larry Marshall.

Australia examines its strengths and sees its future in iManufacturing

Australia needs to play to its strengths and transition from traditional manufacturing into new areas of competitive advantage.

Solving the mystery of Ned Kelly’s remains

For the first time since his death 136 years ago a comprehensive study of scientific evidence has revealed the secrets of Ned Kelly, uncovering the truth of his burial, post-mortem and what became of his skull.

Smartphone app a life saver for heart attack patients

Patients recovering from heart attacks are far more likely to complete life-saving rehabilitation if they have access to a new smartphone app developed by CSIRO, research has shown.

A sexless union to bear great fruit

We have received a $14.5million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to improve the productivity and incomes of smallholder farmers across Sub-Saharan Africa.

$28.8 million adds up for Indigenous students

Closing the gap in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander achievement and employment in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) is the aim of a new CSIRO education program, funded by the BHP Billiton Foundation.

Building trust is key to mining’s ‘social licence’

Australians have endorsed the important role mining plays in the prosperity of the nation but there is still much to be done to bolster the industry’s acceptance, trust and support, according to a CSIRO report released today.

Global carbon dioxide emissions reached 36 billion tonnes in 2013

Global emissions of carbon dioxide from the combustion of fossil fuels reached a new record of 36 billion tonnes last year.

Australian museums must innovate or risk becoming ‘digital dinosaurs’

Australia’s cultural institutions risk losing their relevance if they don’t increase their use of digital technologies and services, new research has shown.

Plastic on the coasts is ours

The world's largest collection of marine debris information has identified Australia's coastal rubbish is mainly plastic from Australian sources.

RV Investigator to arrive in Hobart tomorrow!

Australia’s marine science community is celebrating the arrival of the new Marine National Facility research vessel Investigator into its home port of Hobart, Tasmania on Tuesday 9 September at 10am.

Robots to ResQu rainforests from purple plague

Australia’s rare and precious rainforests, like the iconic Daintree, could have an unexpected aerial ally in the battle against weeds – autonomous helicopters.

From the caves to the classroom

The latest chapter in a long history of mapping technology innovation at Jenolan Caves will see students from around Australia explore the caves in virtual reality as part of Australia’s biggest school excursion.

River red gum - more than just a tree

So much more than just a tree, the river red gum has been central to the tensions between economic, social and environmental values of rivers and floodplain landscapes in Australia - perhaps more so than any other Australian plant or animal.

New collaborations seek to solve infectious disease challenges

Many of Australia's leading animal and human infectious disease experts are joining forces this week to identify challenges that might benefit from greater collaboration across Australia's research institutions.

CSIRO releases Spanish version of free pesticide risk tool

Spanish-speaking farmers and regulators will be better equipped to manage the impacts of pesticides on water resources thanks to a new version of CSIRO’s popular Pesticide Impact Rating Index (PIRI) tool.

Latest biodiversity information captured in new CSIRO book

This morning at Parliament House, Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt will launch Biodiversity: Science and Solutions for Australia, a new book from CSIRO.

Biological agent closing in on weedy rampant escapee

Sticky snakeroot, Mexican devil or Crofton weed – call it what you want - since the early 1900s this weed has been causing grief in Australia. But now the release of a new biological control agent brings some hope.

Analysing Australians’ attitudes to science

Most Australians equate CSIRO with Science, and attitudes in support of CSIRO rise and fall with changes in community attitudes to Science. While awareness of, and trust in, CSIRO remains high across the wider community, increasingly young people and those with anti-science outlooks are unaware of, or uninterested in, CSIRO and its work.

Turning mining wastewater into rainwater

A new cost-effective technology to treat mining wastewater and reduce sludge by up to 90 per cent has been used for the first time at a commercial mine.

A telescope is born

It may look like just dots on a page, but an image of distant galaxies taken last week represents a huge step forward for CSIRO's Australia SKA Pathfinder (ASKAP) radio telescope in Western Australia.

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