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This year marks the 30th anniversary of CSIRO's Awards Program. This program plays an important role in exhibiting and celebrating the achievements of CSIRO staff that are exemplary of our scientific impact, purpose, beliefs, strategic direction and core values. The awards were awarded on 28 October 2015. Congratulations to all the winners.

The CSIRO Awards play an important role in exhibiting and celebrating the achievements of CSIRO people that are exemplary of our scientific impact, purpose and strategic direction.

As our most prestigious group of awards, the CSIRO Awards focus on honouring teams and individuals that have made significant impact on our delivery of science to Australia. In particular, they recognise achievements of innovative solutions to industry, society and the environment.

Chairman's Medal

The Chairman’s Medal recognises exceptional research teams who have made significant scientific or technological advances of national, international and/or commercial importance.

Awarded to: Phased Array Feed Receivers for Radio Astronomy
For revolutionising astronomy by developing a spectacular new capability for observing wide areas of sky using the world’s first widefield imaging receivers for radio astronomy on the antennas of the ASKAP radio telescope. Learn more about this technology at CSIRO animates: Phased array feeds (PAFs)  and Phased array feeds for radio astronomy.

The CSIRO Medal for Impact from Science

This medal recognises a relationship between a team and partner that has delivered positive impact to industry, the economy, the environment and/or the community.

Awarded to: LASC Longwall Automation Team
For developing LASC, a mining equipment automation technology based on inertial navigation that has generated significant improvements to the productivity of Australia’s longwall coal mines and the safety of people who work in them. Learn more about this technology at CSIRO animates: LASC longwall automation  and Longwall automation.

CSIRO Entrepreneurship Award

The CSIRO Entrepreneurship Award recognises the application of an entrepreneurial approach to create customer value.

Awarded to: Titanium Heel Implant Team
For saving a patient’s leg from amputation, in a world first operation, by 3D printing a customised titanium heel implant for a man suffering from cancer. Learn more about this technology at CSIRO animates: 3D printed titanium heel  and World-first surgery saves cancer patient's leg.

The CSIRO Medal for Lifetime Achievement

The CSIRO Medal for Lifetime Achievement recognises individuals who have a record of sustained and meritorious achievement over a prolonged period of service.

Awarded to: Dr Ralph J Holmes
For sustained and meritorious achievements over a CSIRO career spanning more than 43 years in the field of mineral processing and international standards development both as a research manager and practitioner benefiting both CSIRO and Australia. Learn more about Dr Ralph Holmes.

Awarded to: Dr Greg A Constable
For a distinguished career in CSIRO’s cotton breeding program which was instrumental to the development of varieties which have made the Australian cotton industry the most efficient producer of cotton in the world.

CSIRO Fellow

The CSIRO Fellow designation is the highest position a CSIRO scientist can achieve. It is awarded to exceptional scientists who have displayed eminence in a significant field of science or engineering.

Awarded to: Dr Graeme Moad
Dr Moad is recognised as a world leader in polymer design and synthesis. He co‑invented a technology that has led to a new generation of materials that are now being used in everyday products around the world. Learn more about Dr Graeme Moad.

CSIRO Medal for Health, Safety and Environment Achievement

This award recognises and promotes the most significant impact made by a person, team, business unit or function to the health, safety or environmental performance of a customer/partner or CSIRO activity.

Awarded to: IM&T Find-Me-Print Project Team
For implementing Find-Me-Print, an internal initiative within our organisation, which has led to significant savings, a notable reduction in print consumables and a change of print behaviour patterns across our organisation.

CSIRO Medal for Support Excellence

This medal recognises support/functional teams whose innovative approach has enhanced the delivery impact of science and/or the impact of science through the outcomes and benefits.

Awarded to: Future Research Vessel Project Team
For the successful design, construction and commissioning of the new Marine National Facility research vessel, RV Investigator, a state-of-the-art research platform to support, enable and inspire marine science in Australia. Learn more about the Future Research Vessel Project .

The John Philip Award for the Promotion of Excellence in Young Scientists

The John Philip Award recognises research excellence of young scientists, to accelerate their careers through a brief work placement at a prestigious overseas research centre.

Awarded to: Dr Lee Hubble
For outstanding research contributions in developing next generation nanomaterial-based sensor systems across far-reaching applications with global impact. Learn more about Dr Lee Hubble.

Awarded to: Dr Zhongkui Luo
For outstanding research on soil carbon and nutrient cycling, generating new process understanding and strategies to increase soil carbon sequestration, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enhance agricultural production.

The Frank Fenner Study Scholarship

The Scholarship provides an opportunity for professional development to Post-Doctoral Fellows engaged in plant, animal and marine biosecurity.

Awarded to: Dr Robyn Hall
Dr Hall is a valued and promising early career researcher. Through this award she looks to gain novel insights into virus-host co-evolution using Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease Virus (RHDV) in Australian wild rabbits as a model.

Chief Executive’s Study Award

The Chief Executive’s Study Award provides opportunities for outstanding and innovative support staff to extend their professional development by gaining further training and experience related to their careers.

Awarded to: Janene Brown, Susan Burchill and Hannah Scott

Sir Ian McLennan Achievement for Industry Award

Awarded every two years, this award recognises outstanding contributions by CSIRO scientists and engineers to national development. It was last awarded on 10 October 2014.

Awarded to: Dr Niall Finn  — Textor Technologies and CSIRO 3D Nappy Liner Team
Dr Finn was awarded the 2014 Sir Ian McLennan Award for his leadership of the Textor Technologies and CSIRO 3D Nappy Liner Team. This partnership resulted in the development of a three-dimensional composite nonwoven nappy-liner and successful manufacturing process for Textor Technologies.

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