International collaboration

We work with leading organisations around the world, and are recognised internationally for our quality research. We specialise in different areas in different regions of the world, and have charted some of our biggest projects on our International Collaboration Map.

  • Interactive map of CSIRO projects around the world

    Visit our interactive map page to see a snapshot of our global work. We do research in diverse range of locations around the world with a wide range of partners. See some of them on a world map.

  • Collaboration with Africa and the Middle East

    We work on projects across Africa and the Middle East, including South Africa, Kenya, Uganda and Saudi Arabia.

  • Collaboration with Europe

    Our long association with European organisations has grown to include major multi-national companies, universities, government research agencies and the European Commission’s science and research programs. This includes work in France, Germany, Italy, the UK, the Netherlands and Finland.

  • Collaboration with Latin America

    We have strong partnerships with organisations in many regions of Latin America, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico.

  • Collaboration with North America

    Our largest international partner is the United States of America, and we also have significant collaboration with Canada. We have long-standing and extensive relationships with government and corporate organisations.

  • Collaboration with North Asia

    We have long-standing partnerships in North Asia, which allow us to connect with researchers and increase the impact of our work. This includes work in China, Japan and Korea.

  • Collaboration with the Pacific

    We work directly and indirectly with the nations of the Pacific region, including New Zealand, France and Papua New Guinea.

  • Collaboration with South East Asia

    We work at a regional, national and local level in South East Asia, including in Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam.

  • Collaboration with South Asia

    We work with partner organisations across South Asia, often on cross-border projects. This includes Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

  • Collaboration with multilateral organisations

    We participate in a number of key multilateral science organisations including the Global Research Alliance, IIASA and the Belmont Forum.


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