Executive Team

CSIRO’s executive team is responsible for the development and implementation of the organisational strategy. The Executive Team comprises the Chief Executive, a Deputy Chief Executive, five science Group Executives and the Chief Finance Officer.

  • Dr Larry Marshall

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    Chief Executive · Executive

    Dr Larry R Marshall has led CSIRO since 2015. Previously he was Managing Director of Southern Cross Ventures, a venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley, Shanghai and Sydney, specialising in growing Australian technology companies in Asia and US. He is a passionate supporter of Australian innovation and Australian entrepreneurs. He has a longstanding partnership with SoftBank China, China’s most successful VC firm, and co-manages the Renewable Energy Fund, founded in 2012, with them. Commenced appointment: 01.01.15.

    • Phone:
      • +61 2 6276 6621
    Dr Larry Marshall
  • Mr Craig Roy

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    Deputy Chief Executive, CSIRO · Executive

    As Deputy Chief Executive of CSIRO, Mr Roy's responsibilities include leading the execution of the organisation's strategy and ensuring the global competitiveness of CSIRO's science. He is also responsible for Agriculture & Food, Commercial & Governance, Market Vision & Innovation, Science & Governance, Organisational Development, Communications & Marketing and Human Resources.

    • Phone:
      • +61 2 9490 8564 (Alternative)
    Mr Craig Roy
  • Ms Hazel Bennett


    As Chief Finance Officer (CFO) and Executive Director Finance & Services, Ms Hazel Bennett is responsible for CSIRO's Health, Safety & Environment, Finance, Ministerial and Parliamentary Liaison and Business & Infrastructure Services groups.

    • Phone:
      • +61 2 6276 6633
      • +61 414 612 284 (Mobile)
      • +61 2 6276 6446 (Alternative)
    Ms Hazel Bennett
  • Dr Alex Wonhas

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    Executive Director - Environment, Energy And Resources · Executive

    As Executive Director, Environment, Energy and Resources, Doctor Alex Wonhas is responsible for the Business Units researching the fields of Oceans and Atmosphere, Land and Water, Energy and Mineral Resources.

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      • +61 2 9490 5059
    Dr Alex Wonhas
  • Dr Anita Hill

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    Executive Director, Future Industries · Executive

    Dr Anita Hill is Executive Director, Future Industries, with responsibilities for oversight of the organisation’s Manufacturing and Health and Biosecurity Business Units, as well as CSIRO’s Services line of business.

    • Phone:
      • +61 3 9545 2665
    Dr Anita Hill
  • Dr Dave Williams

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    Executive Director- Digital, National Facilities And Collections · Executive

    Dr David Williams leads CSIRO's Digital Business Unit, Data 61, as well as National Facilities, Collections and scientific infrastructure.

    • Phone:
      • +61 2 9490 5621
    Dr Dave Williams


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