Evaluating our impact

In our Strategy 2020, we laid out our mission to create value for customers through innovation that delivers positive impact for Australia. Each year we provide our stakeholders with robust evidence that we're achieving this goal.

Our impact evaluation activities provide credible evidence of the effects of our research and innovation activities on the economy, environment and society.

Our research activities and their impacts are diverse in nature and occur across many sectors of the economy. While some impacts are primarily economic and capable of being evaluated in monetary terms, many others – especially those relating to environmental or social effects – may have to be evaluated qualitatively. Ultimately though, each impact must be assessed within the context of a common framework if a comprehensive understanding of our impact and return on investment is to be developed.

Our Impact Evaluation Guide articulates such a common framework, and its consistent and rigorous use across our organisation ensures that outcomes from each evaluation are comparable – across business units and across time.

The guide describes the minimum requirements for all our impact evaluations, regardless of the purpose of the evaluation or the ‘unit of evaluation’ (which could be an individual project, subject area, business unit or the whole enterprise). It guides researchers, staff and engaged external support to address key relevant questions in a logically consistent manner and to select the appropriate resources and methods in the evaluation of our research.

View the full Impact Evaluation Guide [pdf · 1mb].


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