Part 2: Our performance

Our activities and achievements are outlined in this section of the annual report, and provide evidence of our performance against the Operational Plan and the Portfolio Budget Statements.

  • Measuring our performance

    CSIRO plays an important role in Australia’s National Innovation System. Our combination of size, breadth and depth in capability, active research portfolio management and expertise in conducting large-scale, multidisciplinary, mission-directed research is unique.

  • Financial performance

    In 2011–12, CSIRO delivered a surplus from ongoing operations of $13.8 million.

  • Strategy progress – Enterprise Strategy Measures

    Multiple lines of evidence are used to monitor overall achievement against our strategy, including reporting against ten Enterprise Strategy Measures (ESMs).

  • Operational plan implementation

    The 2011–12 Operational Plan identified 20 Key Executive Actions (KEAs) to progress the CSIRO Strategy.

  • Collaboration, connections and advice

    CSIRO partners with 37 of the 39 public universities in Australia and with universities from more than 120 countries.

  • Program performance

    CSIRO’s outcome and program structure.

  • Program 1 – National Research Flagships

    Since the launch of the first three National Research Flagships in 2003, CSIRO has committed an increasing proportion of its resources to addressing major national challenges and opportunities through the National Research Flagships Program.

  • Program 2 – Core Research and Services

    CSIRO’s Core Research and Services Program covers a range of non-Flagship research portfolios and capabilities which target improvements in industry, the environment and community wellbeing through the provision of advice, information and solutions.

  • Program 3 – Science Outreach: Education and Scientific Publishing

    Communicating scientific research helps raise the profile of science and CSIRO within the community.

  • Program 4 – National Research Infrastructure: National Facilities and Collections

    CSIRO manages two types of national research infrastructure on behalf of the nation: National Research Facilities and National Biological Collections.

  • Program 5 – Science and Industry Endowment Fund

    The Science and Industry Endowment Fund (SIEF) is a separately constituted trust under the Science and Industry Endowment Act 1926 and makes strategic investments in scientific research for the purpose of supporting scientific and industrial research for the benefit of Australia and its people.

  • Intellectual property and equity portfolio

    CSIRO manages its intellectual property (IP) using the framework provided by the Statement of IP Principles for Australian Government Agencies.

  • Awards and honours

    These awards and honours granted in 2011–12 demonstrate our effectiveness in research and its application in industry and the community.


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