Part 3: Our organisation

At CSIRO we exist to make a positive impact and want the legacy of our work to last for many generations. We're committed to nurturing a work environment where people, innovation, collaboration and performance thrive.

  • Management and accountability

    CSIRO’s Operating Model is designed to support the successful execution of our strategy and delivery of our goals.

  • Board membership

    CSIRO is governed by a Board, which is responsible to the Australian Government for the overall strategy, governance and performance of the Organisation.

  • Executive team membership

    The Chief Executive conducts the affairs of the Organisation in accordance with the strategy, plans and policies approved by the Board and the Board Directions to the Chief Executive.

  • Health and safety

    CSIRO is committed to the health and safety of its staff and recognises the importance of positive interventions aimed at improving staff health and safety.

  • Environmental performance

    Health, Safety and Sustainability is one of our CSIRO Values and we strive to embed environmental sustainability into our everyday business practices.

  • Our people

    CSIRO looks to its staff to support its values and to work in a collaborative and positive way to achieve the Organisation’s mission and purpose.


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