Summary of our performance of portfolio budget programs.

CSIRO receives approximately 59 per cent of its operating revenue in appropriation funding from the Federal Budget.

Our commitment to the parliament and people of Australia, set out in the 2012–13 Portfolio Budget Statements (PBS), is to contribute to the following outcome1:

Innovative scientific and technological solutions to national challenges and opportunities to benefit industry, the environment and the community, through scientific research and capability development, services and advice.

Fundamental to this outcome is our focus on:

  • maintaining science excellence
  • establishing strong connections with top global research and technology peers
  • enhancing industry alliances through Flagships to actively encourage the application and adoption of our research
  • building, maintaining and making available research infrastructure, including national scientific facilities and collections
  • actively fostering collaboration with other parts of the National Innovation System including other publicly-funded research agencies and universities
  • promoting and supporting the science sector by supervising undergraduate and postgraduate students, conducting science education programs for school students and teachers, and raising community awareness of its activities and science.

This is achieved through the following five programs:

  1. National Research Flagships
  2. Core Research and Services
  3. Science Outreach: Education and Scientific Publishing
  4. National Research Infrastructure: National Facilities and Collections
  5. Science and Industry Endowment Fund.

The following sections provide a report against the deliverables and key performance indicators specified for each Program in the PBS. Table 2.2 outlines a summary of CSIRO consolidated financial performance by PBS Program.

Table 2.2: CSIRO – financial summary by PBS Program2, 2012–13, $m
Actual3 PBS 2012–13
Government revenue  733.8  736.8  -3.0
External revenue  501.0  482.9  18.1
Other revenue      5.5   0.00  5.5
Total revenue 1,240.3  1,219.7  20.6
Program 1 – National Research Flagships   599.7  575.0  24.7
Program 2 – Core Research and Services  480.4  508.2  -27.8
Program 3 – Science Outreach: Education and Scientific Publishing   32.1  37.7  -5.6
Program 4 – National Research Infrastructure: Facilities and Collections  143.0  123.6  19.4
Program 5 – Science and Industry Endowment Fund   26.1  23.6  2.5
Total expenses 1,281.4  1,268.1  13.3

Figure 2.7: Actual expenditure

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  1. The relevant section of the Portfolio Budget Statements can be viewed at: Department of Industry Portfolio . The Outcome is the formal legal statement of the purpose for which funds are appropriated to CSIRO.
  2. Portfolio Budget Statement Programs.
  3. Actuals are taken from the Consolidated Financial Statements of Comprehensive Income for the period ending 30 June 2013.
  4. Figures are taken from the 2012–13 PBS – Page 296.


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