2013-14 CSIRO Annual Report

Our 66th Annual Report presents details of the activities we have conducted and our overall performance throughout 2013–14.

  • Overview and downloads, annual report 2013-14

    Our annual report 2013-14 is available for download as a single web accessible PDF. You can also download each section individually.

  • Part 1: Overview

    Performing high-quality science that delivers results with relevance and impact across areas of importance for Australia, is what drives us each and every day.

  • Part 2: Our performance

    As a trusted advisor on the big issues facing the nation, CSIRO and its people continue to play a key role in Australia's productivity and competitiveness.

  • Part 3: Our organisation

    At CSIRO we exist to make a positive impact and want the legacy of our work to last for many generations. We're committed to nurturing a work environment where people, innovation, collaboration and performance thrive.

  • Part 4: Financial statements

    Part four of the CSIRO Annual Report 2013–14: Financial statements. The document included on this page may not be accessible to assistive technologies.

  • Part 5: Appendices

    Part five of the CSIRO Annual Report 2013–14: Appendices.

  • Part 6: Indexes

    Part 6 of the CSIRO Annual Report 2013-14, containing acronyms, the glossary and CSIRO contacts.


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