Our core policies

Our major policy statements are approved by the CSIRO Board and articulate the organisation's core commitment.

  • People policy

    Our people bring the creativity, skill and enthusiasm needed to produce outstanding science.

  • Science and delivery policy

    CSIRO delivers innovative solutions for industry, society and the environment through great science, our science policy outlines the way we achieve impact.

  • Governance policy

    CSIRO’s Governance Policy explains what CSIRO must do ensure that we fulfil our purpose effectively and accountably.

  • Risk policy

    CSIRO's risk policy is our commitment to identifying and managing risks in order to increase organisational effectiveness and to provide certainty and confidence to stakeholders.

  • Health, safety and environmental sustainability policy

    People are at the heart of CSIRO's ability to deliver great science and innovation to our customers.

  • Freedom to conduct CSIRO research and technology transfer policy

    Freedom to conduct CSIRO research and technology transfer policy ensures that CSIRO does not enter into arrangements which might constrain CSIRO’s ability to perform its functions.


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