Strategy and structure

Our operating model ensures we're in the best position to deliver on our strategies and operational plan, maximising the impact of our science.

  • Operating model

    Our operating model underpins the successful execution of our strategy and delivery of our goals. This page contains archived documents that may not be accessible to assistive technologies.

  • CSIRO Strategy 2020 - Australia’s innovation catalyst

    Our strategy outlines our approach to improving Australia’s record in innovation and helping the country respond to global changes and digital disruption.

  • Operational Plan 2014-15

    The CSIRO Operational Plan represents the annual implementation of the CSIRO five-year Strategic Plan.

  • Corporate Plan 2016-17

    The Plan sets out the actions required on an annual basis for successful implementation of our Strategy 2020.

  • Heritage management

    We manage the heritage values of our land and building portfolio in accordance with the requirements of the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act). This includes the identification, conservation and protection of assets with heritage values.

  • Global precincts and national centres

    Global precincts will help to ensure Australia's innovation system remains competitive by supporting research and development capabilities that are of global standing and scale and make it easier for Australian industry to get access to leading innovations and research.

  • CSIRO Business Advisory Committee Charter

    The purpose of the CSIRO Business Advisory Committees is to provide independent, external advice to CSIRO on how to maximise the effectiveness of CSIRO's Businesses.


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