Prior to filling in this form ensure that you have done the following:

  • read the application guidelines for the Data61 Scholarship
  • contacted Data61 and discussed your research proposal with a potential supervisor who is willing to oversee your research degree
  • applied for admission to a University research degree
  • applied for any appropriate Australian Government or university scholarships you are eligible for e.g. APA/UPA, IPRS/UIPA/Tuition Fee Remission Scholarship.
  • provided the Academic Referee Report Form [docx · 1mb] to two people who will act as your referees, with a request that they forward the completed form directly to the Data61 Scholarship Administrator no later than one week after the application closing date.

Please note:

  • Applicants who have not applied for admission to a research degree at the University and for other government research awards will not be considered for a Data61 scholarship.
  • Applications which are not supported by two independently submitted referee reports will not be considered.
Application Details
Postal address
Residential Status
If NO, you MUST put in your application for admission to the University prior to completing this form. If NO, you are not eligible for a Data61 scholarship until you apply. To see full details of the information that needs to be attached to this form please see the below checklist.
If NO, you must apply for any appropriate Australian Government or university scholarships at the earliest opportunity.
Proposed Program of Study
Anticipated start date can be an estimate.

Your application will be considered for all Data61 scholarships for which you are eligible.

If YES, please fill in the details below.
Academic Qualifications
e.g. Bachelor's Degree
e.g. The University of Sydney
e.g. 2008-2012
e.g. 2012
e.g. 87
e.g. Bachelor's Degree
e.g. The University of Sydney
e.g. 2008-2012
e.g 2012
e.g. 87
Relevant Research Experience and Referee Details
e.g. 2 years 3 months
If YES, give names and dates of the publications/journals/books, and the names of co-authors (include all publications to which you have contributed and in which you are named). You must attach a copy of the publication. If you do not provide a copy of the publication it may not be considered.
Include Title, Journal/Book Name, Co-Author's Name(s), and Publication Date.
Include Title, Journal/Book Name, Co-Author's Name(s), and Publication Date.
Include Title, Journal/Book Name, Co-Author's Name(s), and Publication Date.

Please name your document using the following naming convention: FAMILY NAME, First name_document name e.g. MILO, Beryl_CV; MILO, Beryl_Academic Transcript 1

Please note there is a 500MB combined total upload limit for attachment section.

pdf, doc and docx files only.
pdf, doc and docx files only.
pdf, doc and docx files only.
pdf, doc and docx files only.
pdf, doc and docx files only.
Checklist, Privacy notification and Declaration

Note: where the course is not complete, the current transcript must be provided and the final transcript submitted as soon as it becomes available.

The form can be obtained here.
The University and Data61 acknowledge and respect the privacy of individuals. The information you provide on this application form is “personal information” as defined by the Privacy and Personal Information Act, 1998 (NSW) (the Act). The information you provide is collected and held by the University and Data61 in order to assess your application and for administrative and statistical purposes, or to send you information about University and Data61 activities that may be of interest to you. You have the right of access to, and alteration of, the information concerning yourself in accordance with the Act. The University and Data61 will not disclose your personal information without consent and without due cause, except as required by law. You have the right to refuse this consent, but if the consent is not given your application may not be processed.

I have:
– Answered all questions on this form truthfully.
– Read the Data61 application guidelines and understand the eligibility criteria for this scholarship.
– Lodged my application for admission for a research degree at the University.

I agree to:
– Notify Data61 and the University of any change to the information I have given in this application.
– Authorise the University and Data61 to obtain from any other educational institution or relevant authority, at anytime, details which relate to my Data61 application including information concerning my enrolment record, examination results, enrolment variation and attendance.
– Authorise the University to release information to Data61 from my application for University admission.
– Abide by the University and Data61 conditions of the award/scholarship as amended from time to time.
– Comply with University and Data61 rules on admission, enrolment and other policies on the conduct of research.
– Permit the University to release details of my academic progress to Data61 on request.
– Data61 retaining my contact details upon graduation unless/until I indicate otherwise to the University and Data61 by separate notice.
– Undertake to obtain ethical clearance and satisfy any other regulatory requirements before commencing any research to which those requirements may apply.

I understand that:
– The University may disclose information concerning this application to the Department of Education and to any person or body the University considers has legitimate interest in receiving it and I consent to such disclosure.
– Data61 and the University may vary or cancel any decision made on the basis of incorrect or incomplete information provided by myself or my referees.
– If my application for Data61 enhancement is successful I will need to sign an agreement to study under the scholarship conditions the University has agreed with Data61.
– A Data61 scholarship offer will not be made until the relevant Selection Committee recommendation and approvals have been made.
– I must not receive scholarships from different institutions simultaneously.
– I must apply separately for an APA or IPRS (as appropriate) at the earliest opportunity if I am eligible unless I have already done so.
– Submitted documents will not be returned to me, irrespective of the application outcome.
– My application processing will be delayed if I have not provided all documents as detailed throughout the form and on the checklist.
– My application will not be processed if I have not confirmed that I agree with this Statement by checking the check box.
– Giving false or misleading information is a serious offence under the Criminal Code (Commonwealth).

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