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  • Careers: see our current vacancies

    We can't accept your resume or curriculum vitae as we must advertise all our positions. Visit our current vacancies and create a profile to receive job alerts.

  • Food safety

    The risk of foodborne illness can be greatly reduced by the correct handling, storing and cooking of food.

  • Insect identification resources online

    The Australian National Insect Collection provides web-based information and tools for the identification of insects and related organisms.

  • CSIRO diets

    We have a range of scientifically tested diets for people of all ages, situations and applications.

    Primary topic: CSIRO diets

  • Cholesterol facts

    What is cholesterol? Why is high cholesterol a problem? What to do if your cholesterol is high? All very good questions and here are the answers.

    Primary topic: Healthier foods

  • Energy in your home

    Want to know how can save energy in your home using science and simple techniques? This section explores ways you can save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

    Primary topic: Energy in your home

  • Fire safety: testing, research and certification services

    We carry out testing certification and standardisation of the reaction to fire and fire resistance of products and buildings. We also provide independent and objective fire safety engineering expertise and evaluation.

    Primary topic: Materials and infrastructure services

  • Pest control

    We no longer do research in termites or wood borers and cannot help with queries about managing pests in your home.

  • Student and graduate opportunities

    Opportunities are available to students and graduates at various education levels, from high school to PhD. These include vacation scholarship and work experience programs, industrial traineeships, postgraduate scholarships and postdoctoral fellowships.

    Primary topic: Student and graduate opportunities


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